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Top 12 Predictions 2023 (No off topic discussion, please!)

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It's time for 2023 Top 12 Predictions! 

Rules are simple!

  1. Only post your top 12 predictions for 2023
  2. You can post one sentence for each corps, explaining/justifying your rationale
  3. Your predictions should be what you think will happen (not necessarily what you want to happen)
  4. All other comments/reactions should be posted in another post, not in this one
  5. Use reactions to show your agreement/disagreement with posted predictions
  6. Have fun!
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I'll go first...

  1. Blue Devils
  2. Carolina Crown
  3. Boston Crusaders
  4. Bluecoats
  5. Cavaliers
  6. Cadets
  7. Mandarins
  8. Phantom Regiment
  9. Blue Stars
  10. Troopers
  11. Colts
  12. Blue Knights
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1) BAC

2) Bluecoats

3) Devils

4) Crown

5) Stars

6) Cavies

7) Cadets

8 ) Phantom

9) Mandarins 

10) Troopers

11) Blue Knights

12) Colts

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1) Bluecoats 


2) BAC


3) Devils


4) Crown


5) Cavies


6) Blue Stars


7) Cadets


8 Mandarins


9) Regiment


10) Troopers


11) Blue Knights


12) Colts

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1) Devils - They’re winning it all until they aren’t; strong design and will certainly be clean by Indy.

2) Boston- Extremely strong design and plenty of talent that will almost certainly land them in the top three, love that hornline sound and the percussion is on fire, but I’m not going to predict them to take first over the Devils just yet.

3) Bluecoats - Wild card pick tbh because I haven’t heard much from them (except that their uniforms are terrible), so I’ll just put them in third for now, but they could end up anywhere in the top five.

4) Crown - Huge step up from last year’s show with an of course great hornline and a stronger percussion, but idk, I’m just very uninspired by the design from what I’ve seen (doesn’t seem very innovative or new, just a rehash of some great stuff they’ve done in the past).

5) Phantom - I love the modern show design and the brass has continued to grow leaps and bounds since JD came back and is very clean for this early in the season; it’s also an extremely visual-focused show and I have a lot of faith in the new visual staff to fix Phantom’s recent aversion to visual cleanliness.

6) Cadets - Could easily end up all the way at 4th, but I took the safer pick based on my limited info and put them at 6th.

7) Blue Stars - I really want to boost the Stars on up the rankings, but something always holds them back from being a perennial contender in the top-six and with how competitive this year seems it will be, I have to put them at 7th for now.

8.) Cavies - Aggressive, very Cavalier show, but I need more before I boost them up after last year when they had a very Cavalier show and it just plateaued (due to sickness, staff, etc.), but they could easily surprise us.

9) Mandarins - I could see them pushing on up in the rankings, but they have a bit of turnover from last year so I’m not totally convinced they can do so with an ultra-competitive season.

10) Blue Knights - Much much much improved show design from last year, but they seem very dirty right in comparison to the corps above them in my rankings; that doesn’t mean they will be in August, but just basing this prediction off what I know now.

11) Colts - Honestly just making a safe bet here and picking Colts to continue their trajectory from last year; similarly, this could be Crossmen, Troopers, etc.

12) Crossmen - Seem very much reinvigorated from last season design-wise, but again, this could be Troopers, Colts, etc.

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  1. Crown (fitting)
  2. BD (not a 3rd place show)
  3. Bloo (all top 4 *very* close )
  4. Boston (following the pattern )
  5. Cavaliers (close to 4th)
  6. Blue Stars (shocking)
  7. Mandarins (more shocking)
  8. Cadets (strong but not back yet)
  9. Blue Knights (not forgotten)
  10. Phantom Regiment (ouch)
  11. Crossmen (bones is a consistent finalist)
  12. Troopers (could be 11?)
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  1. Boston - it's time
  2. BD
  3. Crown - seems like a show that could get them another medal
  4. Bloo
  5. Cadets -  no drama for a while, could be a good sign
  6. Phantom Regiment - killer staff
  7. Cavaliers
  8. Blue Stars
  9. Mandarins
  10. Troopers - hearing good things
  11. Blue Knights
  12. Crossmen


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