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Wow, Spartans!  I don't know what I watched, but I liked!

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5 minutes ago, DrumManTx said:

I’ll say it again.  This is the kind of direction Madison Scouts could take. 

Very spicy music but still very modern and super fun.  

Dude, a show called Tragic Kingdom. Scott Boerma and that album. 

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1 Spartans 82.250
2 Gold 80.300
3 Southwind 78.250
4 Columbians 75.825
5 The Battalion 74.975
6 Guardians 74.875
7 River City Rhythm 71.525
8 7th Regiment 70.525
9 Colt Cadets 68.450
10 Raiders 68.050
11 Les Stentors 65.225
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Thank you, Les Stentors. Great smart programming for your size, talent level, and corps identity!

I was so glad to see the pit and amps set up in the center of the field so I could hear more ACOUSTIC

horns and drums and less overbearing synth. Pit and battery could see and hear each other more easily.

Les Miz is easily understandable to the general public.

Every vocal was performed BY A PERFORMING MEMBER LIVE in real time! 

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The colt cadets found some energy to boost themselves into finals

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