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Adjusting for Score-flation (A New Way to Look at Scores)

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Post-season boredom at its best, let's go!


As we know, Blue Devils in 2014 won the season with a record shattering 99.650. But is this statistically the best show of all time?


To figure this out, I wanted to figure out how close each corps came to perfection in the eyes of the judges on Finals night. Looking at 2014 BD again, their 99.650 was out of a possible 99.725 given out to judges in 2014, with a few of BD's points taken from SCV's percussion section. Lowering the "perfect" 100 down to this base level of 99.725 given out on Finals night, we have a new adjusted score of 99.925, which isn't bad for the second highest score under this system.


Wait, second best? What could be better than Felliniesque??? Way back in 2005, The Cadets fully swept every caption at Finals, earning them a perfect 99.150 out of a possible 99.150 points given out on Finals night. Slightly behind 2014 Blue Devils, we have 2018 Santa Clara Vanguard rounding out this new top three with 99.924.


I did the math so no one had to, so I have every Finalist between 1990 and 2023 rescored with this system. Here are the LOS Champions adjusted for this new scoring system (actual score divided by highest score possible on Finals) if anyone is interested:


99.925 2014 Blue Devils

99.924 2018 Santa Clara Vanguard

99.848 2022 Blue Devils

99.760 2023 Blue Devils

99.748 2009 Blue Devils

99.698 2010 Blue Devils

99.634 2017 Blue Devils

99.596 2012 Blue Devils

99.494 2011 The Cadets

99.415 2015 Blue Devils

99.351 2016 Bluecoats

99.280 2019 Blue Devils

99.193 2013 Carolina Crown

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The absolute madman. Bravo! 

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This is a bizarre topic. Hard to say who had the greatest show of all time. It depends on how you classify great.

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Stating the obvious:

The scoring system has evolved significantly over the past 50+ years.  Recently the judging seems to be slotted with the subcaption numbers locked into sequential ranking by tenths.

The equipment, performer, and instruction have elevated to its highest level in the history of the activity.

Because of the above, there is no relevance comparing scores year to year.  

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