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CA Department of Justice sends Vanguard second delinquency notice as of Aug 25, 2023

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6 hours ago, fighterkit said:

Why is VMAPA allowing the delinquency to continue? They’ve been notified once. I am not well versed in non profits. But letting it reach this tells me things do not bode well on an organizational level at all

I guess it's not uncommon, FWIW: https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/sf-nonprofits-contracts-17771872.php

Still, I can't seem to imagine a reason for why the delinquency was not addressed immediately that makes me feel better about it. This stuff is nonprofit admin 101, no different than IRS compliance, which ultimately falls within the responsibilities of the board and executive administration. And most states require some kind of charity registry while a smaller percentage are even more rigorous in their filing requirements. BD and Mandies are compliant. VMAPA was up until 2020/1, but even those filings are funky upon review. I've heard several sources indicate VMAPA has received an extension on something, but why, then, was this letter issued a few days ago? I don't understand. And I want to understand.

Nonetheless, I also don't understand rumors circling of a possible 2024 season if this is the case, and the treasurer on the BOD has resigned while there is no CEO or COO in place. It makes me very nervous for the member experience... and I was already nervous about that before these reasons stacked up. There's a 2022 member on reddit explaining utter mission failure in regards to their season. Apologies if I'm nervous about that happening again to anyone who would be my fellow alum in the future.

REDACTED - more censorship here no surprise

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6 hours ago, DSpruce said:

Ugh. Asked the alum assoc president. He says no surprises really, the letter has already been addressed, vanguard has an extension on their application, knowingly they will need to pay fees on their delinquency. I don’t know anything further.

Hmm I thought they were debt free though? Guess some debts are more important 

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1 hour ago, TOC said:


8 hours ago, DSpruce said:

  I apologize for what happened to the 2023 members. 

A little late for that don't you think?


You’re not wrong. I had no direct involvement. Personally donated over 1k and many hours directly supporting displaced members and orgs that took them in and took great care of them, with clarity that it was not a retention effort only a support effort.

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What does this mean?

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