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RIP Terry Kirkman.

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The Association was an exceptional group that was both musically and lyrically achieving at a much higher level than the vast majority of its contemporaries. Many a Drum Corps found inspiration there, perhaps the most prominent being Blue Rock.

One could hope for better audio in this clip, but the essence comes through. I for one will never forget the sound of "Requiem" at Roosevelt Stadium that afternoon in '71 as is reverberated  around the covered stands. This video is a mash up, but I believe the sound is from that 1971 Dream Contest. Scroll to about 10:45 to catch the Association tune beginning after the drum solo. Note a very young Moe Knox shooting pix of that huge snare line. Most corps at that time marched only 3 or 4:



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1 hour ago, Standrews said:

I knew you'd be on top of this.

Chalk it up to a youth misspent obsessing about all things Drum Corps.

I recall several corps playing Never My Love, Cherish, and/or Windy. The LI Kingsmen come to mind among them. I'm sure if you check the DCX archive you will probably also find Along Comes Mary, and Everything that Touches You, in addition to Requiem.

In a day when most corps arrangers worked by ear "off the record" as opposed to analyzing printed scores, the group's charts were easily decipherable by virtue of their clarity of line. They were also harmonically and melodically well suited for brass, clearly a result of Terry Kirkman's early musical training. I'll bet he tried out his tunes on trumpet first rather than keyboard or guitar like most of his contemporaries.

Evidence points to a marching background. One can't miss the parade snare in the video from the Smothers Bros. Show.

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