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The Romantics - Blue Devils 2024

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Did BD just release their show title on BD website? 

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My former brother-in-law was Romantics agent

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They just changed it to TBA

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Heh. So are we talking about the rock band's reps or is BD going classical?

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If it was any other corps,  I would think somebody screwed up.  However,  this is the Blue  Devils, so it is probably them being all crafty and subtle.

Like I have been saying for decades, if they were to go out in their opening set and take a poop on the 50, DCI judges would say they were making a statement on the futility of one man's struggle in a byzantine society. 

If Boston or Bloo did that,  they'd say "get a shovel!"

LOL!  But seriously,  good luck in 2024 BD!

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Nah.  If Boston did that they'd be looking through classic literature to figure out which book had been adapted.

If Bloo did it, they'd say, "Finally, the agriculture show theme has arrived! Composting for fertilizer!"

Now do it for other corps

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55 minutes ago, IllianaLancerContra said:

And so it begins for 2024.  

I was just trying to get the whining and crying started early. Lol.

But now that I think of it, I screwed up and went out of order. 

First thing that is supposed to happen is to overreact to BDs Community Performance in Wyoming, when the show is literally bare bones and nothing of substance has been added yet. 

THEN I am supposed to cry West Coast Inflation after the first show. 

And I think the third thing is then make threads about performers sitting out like five years if they change corps to keep them from going to BD. 

Sigh, maybe I will get it right next year. 

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