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Premier Royal Scot #41

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Premier Royal Scot #41 – This might be common knowledge but I was not able to find it anywhere.  I recently acquired a Premier Royal Scot #41 marching snare drum with the Flobeam 2000 parallel-action bottom snare and parallel-action top snare.  The upper snare although missing two wires was still good.  The bottom snare either due to the mechanism getting loose over time and/ or the snare wires stretching, I was not able to tighten the double 12 wire sets.  I found many threads about other snare wires that would fit but all seemed to be discontinued since the threads were written.  I have a 16” snare drum with a 15-1/16” long snare that I was able to rivet two pieces of tin to extend out to 15-3/4” to see if the snare mechanism still worked.  It did.  So I ordered a Pearl S-025 bridge snare wire set which measures 15-3/4” and was able to alter the holes in the ends to fit the Premier Flobeam 2000 setscrews.  I did have to shim the Flobeam bar on non-throw side.

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