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The Renegades Novel- July 7

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Seven Fun Facts

1.  After slightly reducing the font size and line spacing, I got the page count down to 370. I don't think it is possible to read this book in one sitting.  I also think people are going to read this book more than once, which is what happened to the test reader.

2.  The novel is dedicated to Dave Gibbs and the Blue Devils.  As you will read, without their help, the field show version of the Renegades would probably not have existed. 

3. I have worked on this book every day but two this year.  On many weekend days, I did nothing else, from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm or so.  Writing this book took a ton of research, some interviews, and months of writing and rewriting to get the tone right.  This is the most time I have ever spent writing anything, including My Immortal and every legal document I have ever written, and although not perfect, it is the most polished thing I've written.  Maybe people will hate and ignore this book, maybe it will sell five hundred thousand copies and become a movie that accidentally brings the corps back.  I have no idea how people will react to this - but it is my best.  

4.  "The Renegades" is not a yearbook or documentary.  It is a chaotic novel, where all of the events really happened.  Technically, it is historical fiction. The chaos level is quite significant, 500 light years past anything ever seen in drum and bugle corps literature.  For example, Denis DeLucia and the Bridgemen drum line arrive to the story on horseback.  Dan Day is a knight.  Richie Chameroy is a berserker. One famous example of this writing style used in "The Renegades" is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.  The two books are very different, but the philosophical approach is the exact same.

5. I have embedded a ton of real drum corps history, facts, scores, and stories into "The Renegades."  Not only from the Vanguard, Buccaneers, Crossmen, Cadets, and West Chester University, but also the Blue Devils, Bridgemen, Troopers, and many others.  It's very clear where the chaos ends, and the actual drum corps commentary begins -- getting the two to blend was not easy, took 5 months of rewrites.  A drum corps fan should be able to read this and laugh and maybe cry, but also feel very, very proud of drum and bugle corps.  No one is disrespected.

6.  Lisa-Lisa has three monologues in the book, one that addresses the surveillance capabilities of the Bushwackers. 

7.  There is an entire page about 7.

The Renegades will be available on Amazon on 7-7-24
Stay tuned.



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