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Wife's (Humorous) Review of Midwest Premiere

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DCI Midwest Premier Review (From the wife of a drum corps Alumni who knows and cares a lot less than the other person who lives in my house and watches somewhat against my will)

Northern Lights - 11/10

Follow your dreams. Love the age representation.

Blue Stars - 7/10

I like a theme that doesn’t make me go “What the #### is this?” the whole time so this was good. They sound like a drum corp. I recognized a few pieces of music in this. Large group penguin walks in sync.

Phantom Regiment - 8/10

Jungle Gym??? is it a mynd palace? I do like black and white. It’s like “inside out” only the emotions are crawling out of the mynd? What the #### is going on? You just know if they slipped off those props during those solos that would HURT.

Colts - 4/10

I like the costumes. I don’t like the props. I am confused by this concept and execution. I know the theme is “on fields” but the hay bale looks out of place. agree that Jekyll and hyde would have been a great theme to do with this look. good and evil, right and wrong, duality, etc… These cannot be the real props can they? Props are giving 70’s psychedelic hippie vibes.

Cavaliers - 4/10

I LIKE THE GRAY, I’m excited. Soloist sure made a sound. it’s kinda spooky and I like it. something is wrong with the horns. I don’t normally notice differences in music among corps (cause I’m boring and don’t know enough about music) so if I hear a mistake, its a big deal lol. DUDE, horn player needs a nap. Props remind me of the walls of a diner. Dang, really wanted to like this one.

Boston Crusaders - 10/10

I wonder if they are secretly upset that they each didn’t get the color they wanted to wear. These outfits would be amazing to wear if you wanted to go for a walk in the middle of the night. Clean, props are simple and non-descript enough to be interesting, but not distracting. Good design concept with the hoops. It’s like they sorted the m&m’s.

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