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The San Francisco Renegades novel drops this weekend

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Hey, Lee

Just ordered your book on Amazon. Greatly looking forward to reading and learning more about what is easily the most controversial drum corps in Drum Corps Associates history. I will tell you, seeing Renegades live for the first time at Prelims in Scranton was memorable. Powerful, shocking, and thought provoking. Those in my group looked at one another with a collective “Oh, oh . . . now what?” response in considering what just smacked this DCA Championship in the face by surprise.

And the smacking went on for years . . . until it could no more.
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This book is a VERY enjoyable read. Lee has perfectly captured the essence of DCA’s all-too-brief Evil Era. A mostly lighthearted look at our ever-evolving, niche pastime, an activity that never really figured out what it needs to be.

The Renegades were their own animal, for sure. They made themself an enduring part of drum corps legacy. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly comes to life.

No matter what your age, drum corps participation at any level, you will find a reflection of YOURSELF several times throughout these pages. Guaranteed!

Do not hesitate to purchase this book. Great gift idea, too!











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On 7/7/2024 at 10:06 AM, drumlaw80 said:

Pssssst.  The Renegades novel just dropped on Amazon! 

The link is here.

Thank you Lee!

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