OT: Blast Review... the shame, the shame

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Wow, it seems someone mised the entire point to Blast!.  I don't understand how the reviewer could enjoy the dueling percussionists for their incredible skill, without enjoying the rest of the show for the same reason.  I've never heard Blast! claim to be anything more than it is, which is a show designed to entertain.  The reviewer made the mistake of trying to read a plot into the show, which was a big mistake.  What really got to me was how arrogantly and rudely she put down the show.  She made it fairly obvious she considers herself intellectually superior to the type of people who enjoy Blast!.  It's kind of ironic that I read this post today.  I just saw the tape of Blast! a few hours ago.  I was fortunate enough to see Blast! live at the Murat Theatre here in Indianapolis, and it was incredible.  In my mind, it was the reviewer who just didn't get it.

~ Maedhros

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I think perhaps the problem here is that the Blast! cast makes it look so easy. That is combined with the fact that this writer has NOOO knowledge whatsoever of the roots and backround of this show. I can see how whe thought the drummers were the best because perhaps it is easier for the untrained eye to see that as harder from a visual standpoint. Not that I agree with it.....I think it is just a bit harder for a non-musician to tell how hard the brass stuff is. Being on color guard myself, I really didn't like the reference to cheerleaders and baton twirlers. If it was sooooo rediculous, then it would not have the fan base that it has. I think it is not right to do a review of something if you are not familiar with it and haven't done any research at all into it.

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They sent a theatre critic - it takes place in a theatre and is sold on the same pages of the paper used for selling plays and musicals. She didn't like it, even though she was clear in stating her observation that the performers were talented. The review is nothing more or less than that.

I marched drum corps for 8 years, both in a small corps and in a DCI corps (heck, one of the moves in BLAST! - the stepover - I performed with the corps who created it). She didn't think that the show was all that, but I'm not sure that the review is a slam or a pan, but rather, reportage of her personal response to the evening from the standpoint of someone who didn't share the interests of the creators. Kinda hard to get too chuffed up about what she said. It seems that a good number of the reviews I've seen for the show are on the pinpoint of the same feeling from the standpoint of the reviewer. They've usually said "well, this is a pretty odd duck", and then either said "but it's not really for me" or "I found it diverting enough". Their really aren't a ton of rave reviews for the show, and likewise, not a ton of pans for the show. Most are somewhere in between.


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So...you gotta love it when they send a theater snob to review Blast!  Shouldn't they send a music critic?

here's the link:

Baltimore Sun Review...arghh.


Wow---well, I hardly ever use these kinds of words, but that review was written by a stupid moron. I was looking desperately for an e-mail address at the bottom of it to give her a piece of my mind.

In all of her attempt to look for some kind of 'inner meaning' she missed the whole point of the show, which was to entertain. Her whole review seemed like some kind of disjointed, haphazard rant with absolutely no form or style at all. It's no figure she didn't get Blast! because she couldn't even write herself out of a bag.

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I just saw Blast in Wallingford, CT at Oakdale Theater. The place is huge. There was a good crowd opening night, but most of the real fans were in the back and you could barely hear their cheers. Touring cast is about as good as the Broadway version...about five holdover members with most of the rest currently at Disneyland.

The two major papers, Hartford Courant and New Haven Register, both gave basically good reviews. The New Haven reviewer understood the concept and liked what he saw. The guy at the Courant hadn't a clue as to what this was other than a very long halftime show during which you would not want to go out for refreshments. As with most other Blast reviews, If you like band or corps these will make you want to see the show.  :p  :p

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I saw Blast at the Kennedy Center in DC right before x-mas 2000.  My wonderful girlfriend bought the tix for a present.

I didn't get to see it in NY, but seeing it in DC was cool... and I loved every second of it.  You could tell who the drum corps fans were, because they were the ones who would clap and cheer after cool moves/rifle tosses, etc.  Everyone else had no idea when to clap.

Unfortunately, that link with the clip is gone, so I couldn't read it, but if anyone thinks Blast has a plot, and slams it because it doesn't, needs to buy a clue.  (clue phone ringing, someone answer it!)  

I have to find when it might be anywhere within 100 miles of NY or Philly so I can see it again.

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i went to the world premier of blast in london, and saw the last performance in london and not one of our newspapers over here in the uk slated the show, they said it was one of the best musicals in the west end and want it to come back.

(no chance there i think :angry:)

jesus they even performed at the royal variety performance in front of the queen.

this so called theatrical reporter should either get a new job in a field that she knows something about, or hang herself for giving a #### review 2 the best musical i have ever seen

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