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Gee, am I the only one who still "likes" all the corps???

No way George....I like every single corps that performs for me.....There is something good about everyone....Even, in the very rare case that someone isn't "good" by someone elses standards.....Then I'l admire the color of the flags !!!


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Guest GeorgeD


I think me and you need to buy seats together.  If there is a "show"  I don't like, I just pick out an individual to watch or a section.  I've always found something to enjoy and appreciate.  Always.

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Same here! People always thought I was strange, but I wanted to sit through every Prelims performance of every corps.  There is always something to appreciate in every show :)

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You guys are great because I'm going to my first few shows this year.  I have no preconceived biases and part of that is because of the DCP!  (Honestly, I don't even have my suck-up-o-meter on!)

I mean, I can read all I want about a corps and even though I have this slight inkling to Phantom Regiment (only becuase there are a lot of members from my school), I still am glad that I can go and see some great marching.  It's such a great experience that I can't wait for!

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or how much longer it is untill BD performs.........

I'm going to the concessions...anyone want anything?

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