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Phantom 1986 did two things that were cool. The far left snare drummer (as looking at the line from outside) threw his stick to the far right snare drummer. The throw itself was very exposed. He held the stick in his left hand with his fist clenched around the stick and then butted the bottom of the stick with his right hand. More like a canon shot than a throw. It was a blind shot too, he didn't really look but lean out and a bit to the right for clearance. We toured with them and I watched it many times and they never dropped. I imagine the first drop and it would've been pulled. It made it to finals, along with the next visual.

The snare line also put these popular toy things back then called rubber wally walkers on the butt of the left sticks the whole season. The held up their sticks and spelled a word for a very short count. But it was so fast we couldn't read it. Finally near the end of the season I took pictures to capture it and then after the season we developed the roll of film and deciphered what they were spelling...which was "WALLY". It was a bit of a let down, I was hoping for something more lewd. It finally put the Wally Walkers on the sticks into perspective.

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Wildest visual I ever saw involved the tenor line (triples, at that time, I believe) for the Commandant's Own. During the tenor feature in the drom solo for the show, the tenor on the right end of the line dropped his right stick in a bag as the tenor on the left end of the line flipped his left stick vertical and then tossed it horizontally down the line, over the playing of the center tenor. Both the end tenors kept playing with their other hands during this. After a couple of bars, the right end tenor flipped that stick back to the left end tenor in the same fashion, then dug his own stick out of the bag and continued on.

I first saw it from behind, as we were staging near the back corner of the field. It looked way cool from there to see the stick flying only as it passed between the bodies. Just as cool from the front, too, though likely more shocking from the rear. This was in '81 or '82.


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1. 92 madison drum to drum and cymbal work. First real visuals I saw, and I still love it.

2. 00 BD playing singles split from right to left handed ever other snare

3. 07 SCV cymbal line they had a portion where they looked like they were hitting themselves in the face with the cymbal, I thought it was hysarical.

And I still like Chops Inc putting there sticks in there nose, "I gotta a boogie" lol Classic.

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Around 1980 or 1981 the Cavalier snare line spelled "NICE T?T$" for one count with their sticks.

I remember them doing it in 1979.

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BD "My Spanish Heart" - Faked/Staggered High-sticking. It was very cool (back then, kind of a cliche' now.)

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97 Scouts rotating drum rack with Pirate sword fight on top.

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Just as cool from the front, too, though likely more shocking from the rear.

Quoted for comedy. :)

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