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That's "Ritual Fire Dance/Sabre Dance" isn't it???  KEWL!!! B)

--Remember the horn line played "Sabre Dance" in a triplet pattern???

You know what I love about this picture? The 2 St. Anthony's Everett Guard people waiting to salute the American Section. They're sitting to the left of the DM. No matter what show you were at, winter guard or summer shows, there would be guard members on duty doing this. I did it a few times, winter and summer, it seemed like it lasted forever, you couldn't talk, or moved, etc.

For people aged maybe what 35 and under, this may be something you've never seen.

It used to be for "Presentation".

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Oh wait, that may be St. Terese Little Flower.....

It looks like Manning Bowl?

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it's all good.  B)


But in this picture it looks like a different uni than the first one with the rifles, it's also a different color. So, as was said: capes or cloaks, cloaks or capes-all good. I now see what you are talking about, the other is a hoody as someone mentioned.

Thanks for the clarification!

I cannot believe I don't remember those at all. Wow, I am old.. :(

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The Girls came out with capes on.. first note of the "FareFan" They removed them to reveal the blue cloaks.... Get it?

1978 Bridgemen is a hornline that gets better with age. I dont remember liking them as much back then. They and Blue Stars have a horn sound that seems more like the 90s and later than the 70s.

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I know you asked Lee, but I will chime in. Our capes did add to the overall visual effect, especially in 1978 when the capes were full length. However, the judges complained that they could not see the feet when the corps would turn back field......DUH!  :grouphug:  So in 1979, they were cut to the calf. They still had a nice visual impact, especially when facing backfield. Some would say that fast movements or quick turns the cape would pose a problem sometimes. I personally never had a problem with my cape. I will say, it was a pain in the arse for guard......that's why in '80 guard uniforms started to change.

Yup, even Oakland's short cape was a pain in the behind for the guard. You always risked getting tangled up in it. But I must say, I loved Crossmen's long capes in '78 best. The corps seemed to float across the field. Beautiful, eerie effect, especially during "Russian Christmas Music." I'll never forget seeing that live. Goosebump city!

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Well, as long as someone is throwing up pictures of '78, how about pics of.................

--Kilts in their short-sleeved black parade jackets?

--Boston Crusaders' "Waldo" podium?

--SCV's hoops?

--SCV/Guardsmen maypoles?

--Blue Star guard member in a turban?

--Guardsmen's guard house?

--27th Lancers' guard pom pons?

--North Star's contra pie-in-the-face?

Anybody?? Bueller??? :grouphug:

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