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Just opinion folks. Don't knock someone's opinion. Just want to hear what everybody thinks.

For many corps prior to 1980 shows happened on weekends. Corps like SCV, BD, Troopers, etc traveled all over to attend shows. Many smaller corps didn't have the resources so individual corps hosted shows. The days of "You come to our show, we'll come to yours" is over. That is one reason that many corps have disbanded. We can blame DCI, we can blame poor corps management, etc. Today, the best HS/College players want to march with "the big guys" and forget about the local corps (if there is any).

Drum corps has improved, no question but the days of many corps are over and that is what is so sad!

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It's hard not to agree with that. I'm afraid we've seen the end of an era, and those days are not likely to return soon. Now, I know what what you're thinking: "Jas., you're bringin' me down". But hey, I'm not all about a rainy day.

With the rising cost of fuel, and the fact that cheap oil IS gone forever, we may see a return to more local circuits as we had in the past. Drum corps will never die, but as corps are faced with skyrocketing transportation costs, adjustments will need to be made. Corps will need to stay closer to home, and guess who's there? That's right, the fans! There will be no reason to fear a change like this, whether it is forced on the activity out of necessity or not.

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