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1988 an amazing year full of ups and downs. I aged out of Dutch Boy in 1988 after marching with them for 6 years. I was guard captain that year and proud to stand out front every night. We gave it our all and just missed out on finals by 2 tenths of a point. What a battle for sure!

I left my heart and tears that night in Arrowhead.


Dutch Boy colour guard - 1983-1988

Kiwanis Kavaliers - 1982

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1988 - my rookie year, what a first year to have. Hauling around those 50 lb. tenors in that HOT summer. Hey, I played that Goshen show, our drumline played on everyone for retreat. That was a unique experience, getting to play the Cavies on! It was because our hometown was closest, so we were determined to be the "home corps".

Man, it was hot - I don't think I can overemphasize that. First day of first tour in Rosemont: 105 degrees at a "housing" with no showers or access to anything, just a parking lot at an elementary school. Repeat daily 90 times, that was the summer...

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I can remember that day well. The Scouts were having some 'issues' almost the entire first tour that year. That night they tried to 'un-cork' one and move up the ladder. But it just made things worse. It was exciting and 'white noise' loud though. So we are all down at retreat and the field is wet from the afternoon rain. Scores are announced and the Scouts are obvioulsly not happy. The girl comes over to the corps to give them their 'orange cone' DCM finalist patches. They wave her off. They didn't want their patches. Then they call her back. They get their patches and proceed to throw them on the turf. Then they take and knee on the patches so they wouldn't get a wet knee. Some may have thought it somewhat tasteless, but it was funny for those of us down there that night. Obviously they worked those issues out by August.

88' was a great year to be in corps. But it was hotter then Hades that year. We had gone out to California in late June for a few shows. We had a free day in San Fran and it was only 57degrees! I can remember praciticing in Salt Lake and California with sweat cloths and corps jacket on, hood up. Then one morning we wake up in Omaha, and its 80 some with 80% humidity, at 8:00 in the morning! The midwest was just one big sauna the rest of tour. But you should have heard the senoirity of the hornline after practicing for days at altitude in Utah and Wyoming!

I am sorry, but I do not remember that at all. Of course, I wouldn't see anyone waving off the patch deliverer, but I certainly do not remember putting my knee down on the patch. Yes, we were ###### as ####, to put it mildly, but that's what happens sometimes. Of course, performing in the show I didn't see anyone else, so it's impossible for me to say who should have placed where, but I remember the Drum Corps World write up on the show that year. It was a hoot. I'll have to dig it up for the exact wording, but it basically said we should have won. I really don't know if I can agree with that now, but at the time it was a great thing to read. Like I said, I didn't see any of the three other corps, so who knows.

Guardguy89, I tend to disagree with your assessment of BD winning and us placing 3rd. I know this has been talked about 80 million times on here, and that's bound to happen in a close championship. I thought the judging was pretty much right on.

We won on the visual mark! Blue Devils lost on the visual mark and Santa Clara lost on the brass mark. We were 2nd in GE and 3rd in Percussion and Brass. Could it be argued that we should have won GE? I think so...too close to call with Santa Clara. Can you argue we should have placed higher in Brass and Percussion? No way, but I don't think you can argue we should have placed lower either. I only think the guard judging was wack that year, but it didn't have as big of an impact as it does today.

When I watch the DVDs, I think us, Santa Clara and Blue Devils gave the three most exciting and energy driven performances of the night. Without a doubt. However, I think Cavaliers had the best designed show overall, and I think give it another week or two and Blue Devils would have found themselves in 5th. Their show simply lacked the demand of those around it. Garfield was a mere 2 tenths behind them at finals and Cavaliers were right there. It's hard to say what would have happened, but Blue Devils had simply maxed their show out and I don't think Cavaliers, Cadets or Santa Clara did. I think we did in Semi's (where we had our best performance).

It was a good year. A close competition, with a surprise ending.

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Ok, since you know more than the judges, please provide an assessment rather than slam.

I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved Madison that night. I didn't mean the above in a bad way. I just think SCV was better that night, and they gave them the title to their not as good 89 show to make up for the fact that they made an error in 88.

Madison was definitely 2nd in my book, though. Of course, that's why I'm not a judge. :)

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