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Dang, we had fun that year, in spite of second season score slide against Garfield, of all people..... :P

We got tired of eating Lime Jell-O every night!

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Stolen from FB. '79 SCV

Since we had so many guard photos being posted in the recent guard posts, i thought we could start a photo thread were any and all corps photos can go! So, to start it off, how about Santa Clara Vang

Boston Crusaders!

There are a couple of very well known people in the drum corps world in this, the Original Trick Flag Line of 2-7. 


I know of course that LancerLegend, drmr27, Malibu, LancerLady, That70sLancer and many others will know most of them, however to non-Lancer people, was anyone taught by one or more of these people?

These ladies began something that is still seen today on the field, these are the first, and these are the originals!  :rolleyes:

Good luck on this drum corps quiz!

Peggy Twiggs 2nd from right????

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Peggy Twiggs 2nd from right????

You are correct. A legend among legends.

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And all this time I'm thinking - well, at least you gave that picture of me at individuals to me a few months ago; so it won't end up on DCP. Ha!

That was 1980. Also one of the last public functions those uniforms were worn. I had the highest percussion score, all classes, at prelims. I think Bill Renaud had a higher score that night, on snare.

25 years later, I can still make a camera lens go all blurry.



Never trust a tympanist with a camera John... I know you will seek revenge someday, somehow... just thought I'd make you famous on DCP old buddy.


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