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Stolen from FB. '79 SCV

Since we had so many guard photos being posted in the recent guard posts, i thought we could start a photo thread were any and all corps photos can go! So, to start it off, how about Santa Clara Vang

Boston Crusaders!

I beg your pardon, Dan........I have NEVER EVER been known to swash any buckles!!!  (Or buckle any swashes, for that matter!!!) :D

I've got a buckle for you... :o


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:rolleyes:  :worthy:  :blink:  :wub:  :blink:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub: 

That's what I'm talkin about!

$#@@ yea!!!!!!!! I still love watching that.

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G. Royer, George B. with us 1976 in Santa Clara.  Mr. Rorer was saying (paraphrasing) "there's majic in them there rifles".

It was an honor to have morched for one and an honor to have met the other, great photo LancerFi.

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Santa Clara Vanguard


Rob Carson and one of the Menke brothers - not sure which, anyone, anyone...

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I think it may be 71. Steve Smith actually did not join the corps until '75. When he aged out and starting working the line the following years, he kept much of the teaching techniques he learned that year.

I was wondering if that was too early for Steve. But, it looks like it could be his evil twin! Some of those early Blue Stars lines were really definitive for their time, the style, the look, nothing like any marching band.

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