DCI Classic Countdown leaves you dry.

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When I first discovered the lineup for the DCI countdown, I contemplated not even attending. But after all, I thought 12.50 was worth it to see 1996 phantom on the big screen.

Well, poop on that!

Surely DCI could have done a better job on the sound. I mean, I could barely hear the corps over the chitter chatter of the drum corps wannabees from the local high school marching band. Heck, my 36" screen RCA produces more volume than that.

I don't know who is to blame (DCI for shoddy production or Regional Cinemas for turning the volume down), but either way, what I thought for sure would be my preseason drum corps fix ended up being no better than a band competition with a bunch of woodwinds playing in a paper sack.

I'm still dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^0^

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I don't know where you went but in Westbury, NY on Long Island there was a good crowd that was like any other corps crowd. we were cheering in the middle of shows when it was something worth cheering for. And actually it was a little loud!!! But I took it, because drum corps is awesome. I thought it was very well done. Some of the kids in the audience who only know cavies and cadets were really impressed with 27 and kingsmen and the history of corps. I thought it was a great experiece for all involved. I'm sorry your experience wasn't similar...

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I agree with you that it is great that the present day drum corps fans, who I presume cannot afford to purchase the classic DVDs, are exposed to DCI of the 70s and 80s.

and I'm glad to hear that it was the cinema and not DCI. Seriously though, here in Garner NC the sound was so terrible that up until SCV, no one clapped, and the guy next to me was snoring. and this was in a full theater. I was just surprised as the Live coverage in August was great.

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I really wish I could have gone to it.

For this guy who hated it...some people will complain about everything...just to complain.

Uh... I have to defend myself here as I am not one of those. If you look at my history, you'll see that I usually post only when I have something positive to say. You'll never find me in the anti-amp or anti-singing or I remember back when forums.

I was just trying to express my opinion (as this forum is intedend for). Trust me, despite the poor quality of sound in MY particular thetaer, I'll still buy the DVD. I'll just be sure to turn the volume all the way up, as I normally do.

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For all the young bandos there tonight:

Spirit was really the loudest corp (in person) shown tonight although you wouldn't know it in our theatre by the sound.

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I have to agree with Ithacaguy, I was at the Westbury show and I loved it. A great history lesson as well. The volumn started out low but one polite patron asked for more volume and we all benefited :music: . You could feel it. My 11 year old son jumped at one point during the Madison show, now that's power :blink: :worthy. I'm glad I got to see Star '91 almost live b**bs and the tour of the old days was very enjoyable.

I can't wait for the season to start and when DCI does this again my son and I will be back for more. :)

Nice job Tom Blair, except I thought we needed the 3d glasses during The Kingsmen show, I guess 30 years takes its toll on film.

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Surely DCI could have done a better job on the sound.  I mean, I could barely hear the corps over the chitter chatter of the drum corps wannabees from the local high school marching band.  Heck, my 36" screen RCA produces more volume than that.


Have to say i agree w/ you. Went to have my face blasted off and there was barely a gust... NOT LOUD AT ALL!! I was sitting midway up and the sound just didn't travel up even though there were speakers at both ends of my row. I don't think it was production as clarity was excellent. Heard alot of nuances in shows I've watched over and over. Less than stellar sound expected in earlier corps with older technology but not the 90's and 2000+. Was just OK due to that, not to mention the guy changing the signs from a huge lift literally at the bottom of the escalator while it was moving and full of people. Lucky someone wasn't crushed. Also, the theater left the lights on a full minute or more into Star's performance AND didn't bother to turn ON the house lights the entire time people left the theater. Regal Cinema Tampa was a deathtrap!!

Enjoyed the visuals very much... nice to see the growth of the activity and the genius of folks like Gail Royer, Sal Salas, and George Zingali. Will let my local theater know about problems to prevent future complications.

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Kudos to DCI for putting this together. What a great way to spend a Thursday evening. It was great to see old friends and relive some great memories. Could the sound have been better, sure, but that might have been the theaters fault. . How about the results? SCV and Madison, two great shows. When that guys hits that note on McAurther Park....... WOW, and that push at the end of SCV 89.... breathtaking..... what heart....... it just doesn't get any better then that. Kudos to FMM everywhere for making Drum Corps what it is today, overall, a great evening.

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