DCI Classic Countdown leaves you dry.

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I don't think it was production as clarity was excellent.

I concur. As I listen to drum corps on my MP3 player every day while I work out and never noticed many of the subtleties that I noticed tonight.

I was sitting midway up and the sound just didn't travel up even though there were speakers at both ends of my row.

I don't even think the speakers on my row were even on. Sounded like all the volume was coming from the front. Seems like this is more of an issue with the theater than DCI. Tis odd though considering the wonderful experience Quarterfinals was.

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I just got home. I went to the showing in Elyria OH. The show was great, I loved seeing all the shows, it is a fantastic event. However, the sound was ABSOLUTELY INEXCUSABLE. The first two shows that were on were so quiet that the impact points had no effect and you couldn't even hear the quiet parts. After at least five people went and complained to management they turned it up louder, but still not loud enough. And even then the sound was terrible. During the intermission everybody was mad about it. Our major point is that "explosive digital surround sound" was advertised. It was niether explosive nor surround. It was just a couple of crappy speakers completely in the front.

When you go to see a regular movie in the theater the volume is cranked up so loud even the dialogue hurts your ears. So what gives?? This is drum corps for crying out loud!

I am also somebody who does minimal complaining, but I honestly feel that we did not get what we should have for $12.50

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like most... well done DCI - it was creative and very entertaining... two things on the volume... first... it was mostly a local thing... we weren't polite... we yelled "TURN IT UP" and indeed they did and all was well...

as for the first two corps... especially Anaheim... that video from 1974 is a copy... it was not mastered from originals... the originals at WCNY TV in Syracuse were all destroyed... even considering that... I thought our sound was fine (after they turned it up) but that there was degradation of the video...

finally, with each of these recordings until you get to 89 or so, it's apples oranges and pears... every recording is different... unfortunately, the audio in the early video productions often was secondary... most unfortunate...

overall... allowing for the variance in quality... Tom Blair did a great job and the variety of corps spread over 30 years told the history of drum corps very well...

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The sound and audience in Fairfax, VA were great. My 9 year old was most impressed with VK. With us constantly trying to recruit for Shenandoah Sound we sometimes wonder if anyone in the No. Virginia/DC area has any experience with drum corps, but there were lots of folks there that sounded like they have marched jr. corps. We were slightly disappointed when they showed the map of corps and not all DCA groups (including us) were listed. But at least DCA was mentioned.

Enjoyed it and will go again.

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I could hear the surround sound.

We just got home from the Orlando theatre. We sat right in the middle. Granted the surround sound was not as loud as I would've liked it to be but maybe we should've asked to turn it up. They did the same thing with us on leaving the lights on through Stars show. Did you go to the same theatre? :)

It seemed the kids enjoyed Madison, 27, Star and SCV and of course Phantom.

I loved that Phantom show, I never saw it and that incredible horn line! Wow! I enjoyed hearing the Anaheim and Madison show, thanks to DCI and Tom Blair for that! Also Madison's horn line to me was the loudest! :) Especially when they're coming OTL. :P

I have to say I like the 1988 SCV Phantom..just my opinion. :)

I was pretty impressed with how the kids acted in our theatre, I thought we might have some rude talkers but they knew when to can it! :) Thanks kids! I'm glad you enjoyed it too!

More history lessons please DCI!

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Just so you all know....

The regal cinema in Beavercreek Ohio... SUCKED! Not only was the sound terrible... but for some reason the video had been zoomed in cutting of the sides and top of the picture.

I was very upset with the quality of picture and sound this cinema had to offer. It was not worth the 12.50 to sit throughthe terrible quality of this theatre.

But even through all of this... the corps from the 70s and 80s were probably my favorite. I guess being able to see them for the first time was much more exciting for me than seeing 5 shows I've already seen hundreds of times, thanks to my videos.

It was good to see SCV was the winner...

Michael and Steve were kinda bland and boring... no pizzaz or power in the commentary.

If DCI does this again next year... I hope they make sure all the cinemas show the best quality available and not be laaaaaaaaaaame...

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I enjoyed seeing the history. It was cool to see that there were so many people from around here (Royal Palm Beach, FL) who are in to corps.

The quality of the older stuff was a little lacking, especially visual-wise, but it was still awesome. I can't wait until quarterfinals, I'm DEFINITELY going this year.

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I saw the countdown in Butler and I was dissapointed in the sound quality there. The surround sound speakers weren't even in use and the front speaker volume wasn't as high as it should've been. It was a pretty full house but they was mostly polite clapping at the end of each performance and no one really got excited. I do have to say I didn't hear any cell phones going off and no kiddie-chatter going on at all during the entire show. Thank god people still believe in drum corps ettiquitte.

I thought the video was great and I got a BIG history lesson. The only things I knew about the Kingsmen and 27 is that Kingsmen won the first title and 27 ended the BD win streak. I was extremely impressed with both of thier shows, especially 27. Doing that kind of drill in '80 must've blown people away. And the speed! Some of that would still stand up today. I knew some of the old-school shows and corps but seeing those two corps, Spirit in thier prime and old BD was really cool. Can't argue with the results either. Nice to see Star finish 3rd. I still can't belive you hear them get booed a bit at the end of that '91 show on the cd. They didn't finish high because they had $$$, they were that good.

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We just got home from the Orlando theatre. We sat right in the middle. Granted the surround sound was not as loud as I would've liked it to be but maybe we should've asked to turn it up. They did the same thing with us on leaving the lights on through Stars show. Did you go to the same theatre? :)

You know, I had totally forgotten about this until you mentioned it. It happened at out theatre too. :blink:

PS... Hey Trixie! :music:

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