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Corps. you loved to hate

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As a member of drum and bugle corps. we have all had that one special corps. that we set our sights on. Nothing else mattered (off the record) as long as we beat them. Sure we wanted to compete with the best of course but there was always that one corp,,, that "Thorne in your side" That you loved to hate and loved even more to beat. And please keep in mind , This isn't for "Bashing" or anything too personal. I look at it this way. The measure of any great competitor is how great his compitition is. Still,,, My corps that I loved to hate was the Watkins Glen Squires. In retrospect it seems I felt this way for no other reason other than they were dam GOOD.

So,,, Who did you always want to beat? Which corps. did you love to hate??

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**cough**Tragic**cough** Seriously, Rocky Mountain Magic and Expressions (depressions) traded places several years, including the 2 I marched. We had quite a friendly rivalry going and whoever scored higher often celebrated, espically if it was 3 or more "wins" in a row.

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Anaheim Kingsmen went to war weekly with The Velvet Knights back in the day. Civil War.....brother against brother turf wars......Hemmingway said it best: "...It was good."

71 Lynwood Diplomats contended for the 3rd spot against everbody in SoCal after Kingsmen and Velvet Knights and actually beat VK in an early standstill that year....pleasure for two reasons: first my kids beat Velvet Knights and secondly, as an exKingmen I had great respect for Velvet Knights....and secretly wanted all their brass instruments for distinctive Olds sound I liked so much.


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In 1977, I hated with a passion...AVANTE GARDE, or whatever their name was !! <_<

DUTCH BOY!! :worthy:

*must step away from keyboard*

Seriously, the only corps that I can remember really having a ####-on to beat was the Marion Cadets in the late 60's early 70's.


I think it was a state law.

There were years that they would lose to an Ohio corps,out of state , by 5 points and win the A.L. or V.F.W. state championship the next night by 10 points over the same corps they lost to!

Like it or not, politics was exteremly strong around here back then!

By the way, I wish them the best of luck and well wishes in keeping things together and look forward to seeing them on the field next year!

I would hate to see another Ohio corps bite the dust, particularly one with the long and proud history the Cadets have! :)

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When I was with the Bleu Raeders, we wanted to beat the Stardusters, but never did. In the Louisiana Southernaires, we and Dutch Boy didn't like each other, but we never lost to them. When I was in the Phantom Regiment, we wanted to beat BD, SCV, and Garfield. We beat Garfield and SCV during parts of the season in 1982, but that was it.

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In 1971 Blue Rock and 27th were just about always ahead of us. That's about the only two we 'loved to hate', though we got along well with both, esp 27th (they housed us and we housed them).

Blue Rock was definitely the best of the East in 71, 27th just a little better than us, and we were 3rd. From reading their website a while back, Blue Rock had "aimed" for 1971 to be their peak year, as they had a lot of ageouts. We, on the other hand, were VERY young. IMO if the Cadets admin and staff had hung together after 71, we would have been far better than we were in 72 and the next few years after.


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Optimists. For me it was more personal because my brother joined Optimists the same year I went to Oaklands. They made finals and all we got was close enough to the drum trophy to catch our reflections.

However, when I was in Buccaneers (marching, then teaching) it was Dutchboy. Beat them in the States - always lose to them in Ontario.


John Swartz

Oaklands 77 - 80

Optimists 04 - ?

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