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UH-Excuse me but,

It's impossible to "show up" "TBDBITL!!! :P

Man, we drank your drum line under the table in 1979. :worthy:

Seriously, they were a great bunch of guys and gals, and great hosts. They threw one "heck" of a party for us. :mmm:

I think we can both agree, Michigan-Overrated :P

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Man, we drank your drum line under the table in 1979.  :worthy:

Seriously, they were a great bunch of guys and gals, and great hosts.  They threw one "heck" of a party for us. :mmm:

I think we can both agree, Michigan-Overrated  :P

See-it just goes to show that if two people stay reasonable, they can always find common ground!! :)
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Ya know believe it or not, I don't remember any corps that we "loved to hate." I guess we were into our "own thing".......beating ourselves and making our own goals.  :worthy:

Oh, I can recall a few girls I talked with in 83 telling me with no real "venom" how they had a certain count for drop spins when they reached number "twenty seven" :sshh: :music: ^0^


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Waaaaaay back, when I marched Cranford Patriots, we were hated by many, mainly because we were usually on top. We won GSC championships in 78, 81, and 82. Our chief rivals, Fantasia III were our fiercest competition, and we HATED each other. The irony is, we merged in 1983 and made class "A" finals down in Miami!! :P

I remember welcoming the Knghthawks from Houst TX into our circuit and they thought they were better than us, they beat us at Nationals, butnever bested us at GSC shows. Same thing with Fantasia III THey always beat us at the National level, couldnt touch us , barely, in the GSC shows. Go figure.

P.A.L., NY Lancers, and St. Ignatius were also gunning for us, and in our "down" year of 80, they all had a field day beating us.

And of course the Windjammers thought at every show they were better than us, never beating us though.


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For me while marching with the GAUCHOS in 1977, other than the rivalries in the PENN-YORK Circuit (Greece Cadets, Squires, Avant Garde, etc) it was the MUCHACHOS !! ^0^

Two corps with the same styles, almost identical uniforms, heck - both corps even played the same song that year ... "Another Star".... although, I think our version was better. :huh:

We finally met up to prove who was the best Spanish Style corps that year at the American International Open in Butler, PA. The sneers, jeers and stare downs started as soon as both corps caught site of each other.

We beat the mighty Muchachos that night. Gauchos 70.55 , Muchachos 69.40.

As we were standing next to them during retreat (remember those?) the sneers, jeers and stare downs escalated. As the announcer dismissed each corps from the field in reverse order of placement he mistakenly announced the Gauchos BEFORE the Muchachos. Our Drum Majors just stood there, at parade rest, staring at the announcers booth refusing to move. I think the announcer asked us to leave three more times before he realized he made a mistake.

I remember an official running down onto the field to apologize to our Drum majors as the Muchachos started to march off the filed. Since they were standing on our left and were suppose to march off the field to the left - they decided to turn right and march in front of us playing their opening song .. "Theme from Rocky" (what latin corps plays that anyway ??)

After the show we had heated single competitions in the parking lot. I remember a couple between our best rifle and theirs, as well as their best "screamer" against ours. Ah the days ...... beating the mighty Muchachos was the highlight of my drum corps experience.

Ken Roe

Mallets - Gauchos 77

Proud Dad of Marissa - Mellophone, Crossmen 2005

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Back in the day when I marched you had corps you wanted to beat and then you had corps you really wanted to beat with anything you could get your hands on. Every corps had another corps or two they were kind of friends with but the activity back then was a home town activity and we were as much a gang as we were a drum corps. Corps had some good fights but most was just pushing and name calling before the show sponsor had the place full of cops. Back then the activity was more entertaining but I like the change in the way corps respect each other. I think Crossmen and Spirit of JSU are a great example.

BTW - Very few corps had members who were in a school music program back then. Very few of those kids who were would march in the school band. Drum corps kids didn't do marching band and marching band kids didn't do drum corps. Funny how things have changed.

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Back in the day, (mid to late 70's) we wanted to beat VK, Seattle Imperials, and the Renaissance. We almost did. (2 out of 3 aint bad)

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Oh, although I'm convinced Pioneer has class, unfortunatly not all members have class. Funny story.... (here comes grandpa again). Since I come from the Netherlands, I was the only person in the corps that spoke and understood four languages including French. In 1995 we were lining up for retreat. Members of Les Etoiles and Academie Musical were talking (french ofcourse) about Pioneer. So I sorta answered in french and they were in TOTAL SHOCK. I told them it was OK, but if they could mind their language a bit. I talked with these people a bit after the show and it was good fun. Some Pioneer member were standing around the Academie/Les Etoiles group and me listening and not understanding one word of it. They asked what we were talking about and me and the Academie guy right away answered 'You' at the same time......funny.

I LOVE it when that happens. In '90 we were at a parade in Sherbrooke, where we were the only non-Quebec corps. A group of girls on a corps bus were yelling some things at us, not mean stuff or anything (mostly sexual banter), and they found the whole thing quite amusing until the busses started up. They got in a few more choice words and I yelled "Je parle francais!" You could have heard a pin drop. They may have thought they were "on the hook" for all those things they were saying they wanted to do to me...In any case, I had a good laugh at their expense when they they thought it was going to be vice-versa.

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I remember marching BD in 92 and having a problem with the Freelancers....not because of placings but because a lot of my colleagues marched Freelancers and a few of us marched BD that year. I guess they felt like I was trying to prove something, but I wanted to march the colorguard and it was the first year they let men in the colorguard. In fact, I think other golleagues marched VK and SCV and had the same problem with the Freelancers. It wasn't a vicious problem because come finals night we were glad the California had a great representation in the top 12. That was a pretty competitive year and we realized that we were in it for the activity in the end.

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