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  1. 1. Madison 2002 Recordings

    • Wow! Sounds like a title in the works
    • Huge improvement, thinking Top 5 within reach
    • At least upper half of the bottom 6
    • About the same as last year
    • 12th within grasp, but maybe not
    • Definitely a semifinalist, but finals... not a chance

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After downloading the recent Madison Scouts sound files from their webpage... I am wondering what the voices of the board think now?  Has your opinion changed? Do they sound like what you were expecting? Hoping for?

I think its great that Madison puts out their show on MP3 each year. Gives the fans something to nibble on.

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The recordings are wonderful quality for preseason.  

Just off of show design, I'd say 5-6th is within reach.   Of course, I felt their shows in 2000 and 2001 were designed as top 6 shows, too.  Just had a feel to them.

Well, here's hoping.


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See I don't know. I really liked their 1987 version of Captain... The ballad didn't really do it for me, didn't seem to be 'them'. Drum feature sounds cool, and the Conquistador... again.. doesn't sound like 'them'.  It just doesn't seem to have the potential of 91, 92, 94, 95, 97, or 99. Don't get me wrong, I WANT them back up towards the top... but based on what I am listening to (which doesn't seem up to the quality of my April recordings of 2001 or 2000)... will it happen?

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Sounds really good for march. If I am correct they are using Bugles still, right? The hornline sounds different to me though. In a cool way nothing bad. Drum solo sounded a little muddy but that is common for this time. When I marched, people weren't afraid of sharing recordings of camps. Now, you apparently have to be secretive in order to make the proper think you are going to put out the best show ever. I have been surprised by this because most of the shows aren't worth all the hype. Anyway, enough ranting and raving. Scouts....BRAVO! Keep DRUM CORPS alive!

Jaymee ;)^

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They now have recordings from the Madison Open House on their website.

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