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  1. 1. Madison 2002 Recordings

    • Wow! Sounds like a title in the works
    • Huge improvement, thinking Top 5 within reach
    • At least upper half of the bottom 6
    • About the same as last year
    • 12th within grasp, but maybe not
    • Definitely a semifinalist, but finals... not a chance

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  • 2 weeks later...

I give scouts props for being the only corps to put there show out. none of the other corps did, except for cadets have very short clips on their website

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've been talking to my Moles in the hornline since memorial day camp.  From what they're saying, the drill has taken a major step up over the last few years.  and according to them: "The drum solo ####### rocks!"  

I cannot wait to see it, too bad I have to wait till Finals.   :sly:

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Its all good.

Yeah..They'll be a gas!! "Real Drum Corps"


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Ooh, the only chance I could see you guys is at the finals...

maybe that'll be an incentive enough. Let Tim see his first Madison Show at the finals...eh?

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