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? for the Goveniers

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And why is your web site still down? :P

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The song is "Show Me the Way to go Home" and has been a Govie Favorite for many years. There's at least two verses, but the main/first verse goes - (more or less, I pulled this off the net, and play while the singing goes on so I'm not the best lyric source.) :) -

"Show me the way to go home,

I'm tired and wanna go to bed,

I had a little drink about an hour ago,

And it went right to my head.

No matter where I roam,

O'r land or sea or foam,

You'll always hear me singin' this song,

Show me the way to go home."

As to the website - That's a host issue that has arisen, and I'm still waiting on some response from the support group. Stay tuned, the Govenaires world is still great, but for the moment (hopefully a short lived one) the site is down.

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Thanks for the info on the web site. I love your corps. I'm going to have to drive down to this Patrick's place and check out some old school shows on the TV's.

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and we were glad to do it. It makes me smile when ever I see others playing along. The song is always played but never taught, vetrans pass it on...

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