Have You Lost Any Friends You Marched With......

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I'll throw in a name from the UK...John Johnson, founder and director of the Dagenham Crusaders (or, for the 88 US tour, the British Crusaders)

Heart attack sometimes in the 90s, I think.

I'll always be grateful to him for giving an over-the-hill DCI guy another shot at a national title, and I had a great time marching with our Brit counterparts.

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I just lost an old friend on Friday: Dan Burke of the Blue Knights. We marched snare together in 1981, and Dan of course went on to teach the BK winter percussion ensemble and serve on the board of directors. One of the nicest, best human beings I've ever known. I hadn't seen Dan in almost 30 years, but I'm saddened to hear of his passing.

I've also lost two of my Freelancer tenor brothers: Dane Nelsen and Roger Jack.

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This year the Bluecoats morned the passing of both a former marching member/staff member and a former staff member both of whom were on staff when I marched.

There have also been members whom I marched with who have passed away (one in 1985 after marching in 1984).

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Madison boys...

RJ Svoboda

Eric Knutson

Bill Tyrell

Kevin Ryan

Gary Scott

CH Beebe

Fred Nicholai

Shea Preston

Al Nichols

Randy Baierl

Tam Easterwood

Keith Hamilton

Calvin Harris

Eric Kile

Steve Weekes

Mark Musolf

also David Lacey who marched Madison.

BTW Was Eric Kile the same who marched Blue Stars in 82?

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Jess Baker(?) the Reverand as Jack Bevins would call her, office manager of the Velvet Knights.

Archie ??? cannot remember his last name, tour coordinator for VK in early 80's.

Jayne Johnson, guard member in the Emerald Knights in the late 70's, I had hired her to be my guard tech and she was killed in a terrible car accident just a couple of weeks later in 1985 in Littleton Colorado.

Bob Lendman. Search here and read "My tribute and story about Robert Lendman".

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As far as staff members, Bobby Hoffman

Friends that I marched with;

In 1985, one of our contras (in the Dons) marched the entire season battling leukemia. There were shows me was able to make, and shows he wasn't able to. One show he was able to march was our last one which was semis. Our opening command by the DM was "Corps - ready - move!". However, for that last show, we pulled a fast one on the staff. The DM started the command as usual, but when it got to "move", the entire corps yelled "FRED!!!" as loud as we could. He was an inspiration and we sadly lost him a few months later. I was one Fred's pall bearers.

As a Renegade, I was VERY proud to have shared the field with Rich "I Stomp Them" Skare and Eric "Big Daddy" Frolkey. I first met them both in '03 so I hadn't known them long but oh what an impact they both made on my life.

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Well, my friends, there are so many With the late St. Joseph Patron Cadets and St. Rita's Brassmen ...

David Smith - French Horn circa 1965-1969

Anthony (Tony) Franco - Director circa 1962-1968

Howard Jensen Sr.- Quartermaster 1971-1973

Steve Choronzy - Soprano 1973

John (Willie) Williams - Drummer 1967-1973

Norris Sutton - Solo Soprano 1967 -1972

Phil Maldonado - 1st Baritone circa 1964 -1967

Edward (aka Goldfinger) Hernandez - Solo Soprano 1970

Mario Melita Sr. - Business Manager 1968-1973

John Santana – French Horn 1970

Joel Glover - Soprano 1970

Anthony (Tony) Lacks - Rifle Section 1970-1972

Raymond “Skippy” Brown - Solo Soprano circa 1965-1971

Michelle Camardo - Color Guard circa 1968-1972

Viola Christie - Chaperon 1968-1973

Salvador “Sal” Barbera - 1st Soprano circa 1966 -1969

Thomas “Tommy” Barbera - 1st Soprano circa 1966 -1969

Thomas R. Costa - Director St Rita's 1970

Elmer Lugo - Baritone/Quartermaster circa 1966-67/1970-71

Henry Brown - Solo Soprano 1969

Thomas “Tom” Dover- 2nd Baritone 1970-1973

Robert Sartori – Baritone / Contra-Bass 1961-1966

Diane Chambus - Color Guard

Penny Smith - Color Guard 1972 -73

William (aka John Wayne) Christie Quartermaster 1968–1973

Father Brugli – St. Joseph Patron Cadets Moderator circa 1962-1967

George (Sidemouth) Richardson Baritone/Soprano 1970 - 1973

“Mr. Frank” – Chaperon circa 1966 -1968

Joe Mason Color Guard Instructor 1970

Douglas James - Boys Color Guard, American Flag Section, 1970 -1972

Calvin Haskins-Snare drummer 1967-69

Phil DiPaolo- Soprano 1959-1966

Oscar Thompson - Soprano 69 - 70

Raymond "Konga" Richardson - Baritone, Contra Bass 1966 -1971

Reggie Furby-Soprano 1970-72

Peter George-Double Tenors 1972-73

Russ (aka VaVoom) Forrer- Baritone 1971

Vinnie Magrino - French Horn 1963-69

Bobby Green - Double & Triple Tenors 1968-69

Vernon David- Triple Bass 1972

Barry Swain- Cymbals 1970-71

Curtis Briggs_Snare 1965-66

Honorary SJP/SRB Alumnus

Joe Genero

Robert “Pepe” Notaro

Fran Virgilio - Color Guard who was taken from us on September 11,

Carman Cluna Herman "HY" Dreitzer

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