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DrumCorpsPlanet is thrilled to announce the introduction of the DCP Volunteer Exchange - a forum that allows Corps that are in-need of volunteers to make that need known to the DCP community ... and for our members to offer their services to the activity, where needed. The drum corps community is well known for having great volunteers, willing to help out where needed - but often those needs go unknown. The Volunteer Exchange provides an effective way for the two, needs and volunteers, to be matched-up.

If your organization has a particular need for the current season or something in the future - post a request on the DCP Volunteer Exchange forum. Or, if you're willing to help a Corps in a particular area - post the details. We will request that NO personal contact information be provided thru the forums and that all communication be handled thru email or private messages (PM).

Thank you for your support of this worthwhile project.


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Heat Wave Of Florida would like to invite anyone who would like to volunteer their time to help out, to come to our Open House/Meet & greet on December 6th 2014 at 208 west Highland Blvd. In Inverness Florida. You time and consideration is greatly appreciated.


Benny Pisani


Heat Wave Of Florida

Our Website is: if anyone wishes to sign up or register

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