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In the mid-70s, my drum corps buddies and I would just yell, "Moe Knox!" out of the blue. We knew the name from his photo credits in Drum Corps News. That was the cue for all of us to immediately strike the perfect "high mark time" pose we often saw in Moe's photos there. We would hold the pose until one of us fell over.

:beer: Moe Knox!!

Scott Mescon

Brigadiers 1993-

My first Moe Knox photo was a beautiful closeup portrait of Vicky Drummond leading the incredible Blue Rock during "Baby Elephant Walk." I carried this photo with me during nine years serving in the Navy Band.

A little unrelated question here, if I may: In today's world, with all the standards and rules set by DCI and DCA, how does a photographer get permission to photograph all those shows as Moe did for so many years?

Was Moe working on a contract basis at the shows, or was he working on his own?

I bought dozens of photos from Moe (remember Garfield's famous "Peace Sign" formation in the 60's? I got that one from Moe, too.

Did the money for all those photos go directly to Moe? (I hope) Or was he required to give a cut to the shows or the organizations?

I've always wondered how Moe did it for so many years given the rules of today.

Thom B)

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bump. It was wonderful to see Moe Knox and David Rice at the Dover, NJ, show working their camera magic. So many years, so many photos by Moe. Folks need to spend more time at Moe's booth. So many t

Besides Moe being the Drum Corps Icon that he is......most people do not know that Moe is also a Shriner and devotes his "spare time" to driving kids and their family to the Shriners Orthopedic hospit


Moe is one of my drum corps heroes. It's so obvious to me that he loves what he does....

A few years back, my wife and I asked Moe if he had any early-'70's photos of the Magnificent Yankees and the Owego Mello-Dears. I asked him to use his judgement and print us some 5x7's. A week later, Moe handed me an envelope with four photos of each corps. Three of the Mello-Dear photos included my wife, Colleen. One of those three featured her! And one photo of the Yankees included me. When I asked him how he managed to find those particular photos, he said, "I remember you guys!"

Moe is the best! He truly deserves to be in the Hall of Fame! :)

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I was absolutely stunned by Moe in Harrisburg when he walked up to me after our (MSJ) show and asked:

Moe: "Did you march in the Barons at Boston in 1967?"

Me: "Uh, yeah, how'd you know?"

Moe: " I've got a picture of you I think. Can I take one now for a "then and now" set?"

Me: "Uh, sure".

HOW he could remember after 39 years is beyond me! What a real Pro.

July 14 DCW issue, there I am. Unbelievable!

Thanx Moe!!!!! You really made my "comeback" special!!!!

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Moe is the man. I will put forth his name this year for consideration of induction into the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame.

He is the Ken Burns/Edward Steichen/Alfred Steiglitz of our activity, the keeper of our visual history, and is most worthy of recognition.

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Hi all!

Moe Knox is a GIANT of this activity.

Moe deserves all the kind words that have come forth. Moe also deserves a prominent place in the World Drum Corps Hall

of Fame. Till then, Moe will be featured in the next DCA Championship Guide and Yearbook. Thanks to William Aldrich-Thorpe, Drum Corps World staff writer, the Moe Knox Story will be major part of our 2006 publication. Pick up a copy in Rochester, or subscribe to Drum Corps World, where the piece will also be featured.

Moe Knox and drum corps. . . . it's the same thing.

Thanks big guy!


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Moe Knox is a class act. When Darlene Bonfiglio passed away I was looking for some photos of her in her 27th Lancer uniform. Where did I go? Moe...he knows...and he had some great photo's. :) :worthy: Thanks Moe.

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Moe Knox is TRULY a class act, a lover of drum corps, and has done so much for the activity over the years - a couple years ago I wrote him to get some old Kiltie photos and he was kind enough to send them to me with a very nice letter included - I passed the pics on to George Fennell for the Kiltie Alumni Website - the man truly belongs in the Drum Corps Hall of Fame.

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I dont know if anyone will see this

I am trying to gett in touch wit Moe or a family member.  My name is Cindy. In the 70s i was in a Colorguard out of Nutley NJ called The Bonnie Scots. It wasnt a Drum and Bugle Corp. Just the colorguard. I was very young. I am 57 now.  Moe was our friend. I loved all the pictures he would take. I didnt have much money. Moe would take the ...practically pennies....from me and let me 'buy' my pictures.  I loved him.  My daughter was recently involved in the Paradise California fires. Lost everything. Home. Cars. Memorabilia. Included in that was every photo album we had.  All my old ones too. She was pregnant at the time. Thank God she survived.  I was trying to reach out to see if there were any photos that still exist of the Bonnie Scots at that time. The 70s.  I cant remember tthe exact year. We did win championship.  And i was there for our emotional goodbye. The last year we ever competed.  I was a Sabre.  Sounds so weird to talk about this. Lol. Well. Any info would help. Thank you. If Moe is still with us please hug him for me.  

Cindy Pringle _ ( was Cindy Zschoche)


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I hope you can put together enough votes to carry this to Moe's induction into the hall.

The previous attempts resulted in denials for very flimsy reasons.

Our activity has promoted 'consistency' as a guiding principle by instructors, directors, judges and various leaders. It is the absence of consistency for the voting members to exclude Moe when there are inducted members with questionable achievements. Moe has been the agent most responsible for the public image of drum corps. His photos are what come to mind when we think of a corps. He is not a flash in the pan but has been at it since the late '50's.

I shot pics alongside Moe in those early days. He was a generous craftsman, freely sharing his expertise and open to ideas. He gladly helped any corps that needed his work.

Now, the World Hall has inducted more and more DCI personalities in conflict with the DCI Hall. The World Hall began as an effort to recognize senior corps and eastern people. It has drifted into a pale imitation of the DCI. The Hall should be ashamed to make the intellectually bankrupt distinction to exclude Moe. 

This is something screaming for a remedy. The only fair remedy is to induct Moe now.

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