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The Blue Devils are excited to announce a new and unique program designed to give alumni and supporters an opportunity to assist the organization during summer tours, The Blue Devils Circle of Friends. This program will build a cross-country network of experts that can be on-call to assist the corps in various professional capacities should the need arise. Here are some examples of the type of people we are seeking as Circle of Friends participants:

- Medical Professionals - including general practitioners, physical therapists, sports medicine specialists, dentists, dieticians and psychologists (Medical Professionals is currently our highest priority need).

- Mechanical Professionals - including bus and auto repair technicians, Class A or B drivers, welders and air conditioning specialists.

- Business Professionals - including bankers, marketing, advertising, media, and lawyers.

- Technical Professionals - including computer hardware and software specialists, networking specialists and electrical technicians.

- Food Specialists - including cooks, nutritionalists and grocers.

The Circle of Friends program takes the "sure, I can help" volunteer spirit to the next level, building a network of talented professionals that are committed to assisting the corps at a moments notice during the summer months should the need arise.

If you are willing and able to provide this level of professional assistance to The Blue Devils, please visit our signup page to let us know what areas of expertise you can offer. After you sign up, we will be in personal touch with you to further discuss the program.

Thank you from the entire Blue Devils Performing Arts organization!

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at circle-of-friends@bluedevils.org.

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