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Somebody in the Colts must have really made a judge mad. How do you climb 4 points in a week and drop two in one night??

This happens all the time.

Nothing to see here, move along.

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Whew... OK, now I feel better.

Thanks for all your posts. I really enjoy this forum and the positive interaction we can all have with each other.

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Did Crossmen perform before Colts last night? Maybe judges had to give the Crossmen a higher score last night. I heard they were great and the Colts were not so great last night.

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Looks like Amanda Drinkwater was the brass judge in Dallas. I know her from 2002 Phantom auditions. She worked with Regiment's hornline and low brass in particular a lot that year so she definitely knows her stuff. (also a very nice person :)) Hope the brass rebounds in San Antonio and she changes her mind next time she sees the red team!

edit: worked with Phantom, not Colts

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