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Heh, I think one reason people keep talking about how talented the kids are, is because they're trying to use that as evidence to prove that they don't hate the corps, and then they almost always use it as a lead in to tell us about how much they hate the show.

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Heh, I think one reason people keep talking about how talented the kids are, is because they're using as evidence that they don't hate the corps, and as a lead in to tell us about how much they hate the show.


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By the way I should point out that this guy sent me a PM that was not only hateful, but also quasi threatening. I have no need for violence in my life and i very much enjoyed the drum corps show this year. Gas Station clerks are cool and I never complain about gas prices. I did however trade in my SUV for a small convertable. Not a mid-life crises, just a smart business descion. B)

W. Perkins

I strongly suggest forwarding the threatening PM to a moderator. That type of behavour should not be tolerated.

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I strongly suggest forwarding the threatening PM to a moderator. That type of behavour should not be tolerated.

He and i solved the issue and it was just a misunderstanding. Thanks though!!

Wes. Perkins

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(I won't be commenting on all of the corps, just the ones that stood out in my mind)

Revolution - Ok, I was a member of Revo last year, and was one this year up until hours before they left for tour. I really enjoyed the show when I was working on it, and the music and the drill were a lot of fun to do. In the four weeks since I left the corps, they acheived a great deal, and I look forward to seeing them make finals in Div II/III. The score was very fair in my opinion.

I liked Southwind's concept of Duality, and the uniforms and show design reflected the concept very well, my favorite show of the non-finalists.

Spirit from JSU had quite a good show this year, a lot of favorites, I've always loved Ticheli's Blue Shades, this show reminded me how much.

Glassmen - Ok, have to make a shoutout to Ryan Pride, who I went to high school with. He's their shortest tenor and he's aging out this year, and what a show to age out with! Going to Europe and playing Beethoven. From the opening statement of his 5th Symphony, through Moonlight Sonata, Diabelli Variations, and Ode to Joy, I was into this show the whole way through. I've always loved Beethoven's music, and Moonlight Sonata is one of the most beautiful pieces ever written I think. Gorgeous contra solo. I liked the dance in Diabelli Variations, and Ode to Joy was played with the most emotion I've heard it with in a long time. I was in tears by the end of this show.

Madison Scouts - I'll admit I didn't really like the uniforms as much as last year's, and the show was definitely different, but I thought it was a cool concept and well performed.

Blue Knights - Loved the concept. And Wes, I heard you yelling "Make it evil, Knights! Go to the dark side!" over and over again. Well, they definitely pulled it off very well, dark show, dark sound, all-in-all a great BK show.

Boston Crusaders - I'm still not entirely sure what "BAC" means, but oh well. Cool concept, I liked the arches on the field, and it was definitely a show with a lot of thought put into it, and no less should be expected from a program entitled "Cathedrals of the Mind". Good job to Boston.

There was a Revo vet and another person I went to high school with in Carolina Crown, so two more shoutouts, to Adam Jatho, and Megan Moede. The show didn't really stand out in my mind, and I apologize for what may seem like not a very well thought-out review for a lot of these corps.

Santa Clara Vanguard's Moto Perpetuo promised that something would be moving through the entire show, and that's exactly what happened, all the way to leaving the field, halfway reminiscent of BD's 04. I noticed that the snares went back to traditional grip. That's all I really noticed with this show, so again, sorry.

Now for the controversial show. Cadets. I know that a lot of people did not like the fact that they did this kind of show again. The two men sitting next to me said we were going to see a repeat of last year's show. And at the beginning I was skeptical of it, I saw familiar drill, heard familiar music...then Dani went behind the door and Alice came out of the mirror, and I knew this would be different. I'm a singer myself, and I thought the singer had a very nice voice. I believe it did detract from the whole drum corps feel, but only in how long it was, if it was shortened, I'd be fine with it. I seem to remember last year a lot of people didn't like Cadets' show, but I enjoyed it, and this year is no exception. I liked the show, and how it extended on some stuff from last year. How does one max out in weight-lifting? By pushing themselves past previous limits. I think that's what George Hopkins is doing and I applaud his bravery with that.

Another shoutout here, this one to Austin Clements, lead trumpet with the Bluecoats, and my Kappa Kappa Psi brother at TLU, even if he is going to Texas State in the fall. Connexus was a really cool show, and awesome job to the soloists.

I think a lot of people may have been expecting a very fun show like last year's from Phantom Regiment. Faust was definitely a lot darker than Rhapsody, but in my opinion the entertainment level stayed the same. We saw more male guard members portraying Faust and various demons, and it was a great show all around and very well performed. Congrats to Phantom on year 50.

Cavaliers, what can I say? Amazing. Fun. Some very cool moments, and all the allusions to machines and robots were great. While there still may be some bugs to work out of this machine, they are few and far between, I look forward to seeing them trade spots with Blue Devils for the rest of the season.

And my favorite corps, the Blue Devils. Though I was disappointed that the Cavaliers took the top spot in SA, I was entertained so much BD's interpretation of Mario Puzo's Godfather saga, and Nino Rota's incredible themes. Many people had been skeptical before seeing this show, but when they did, I think a lot of them ate their words. Definitely a lot cleaner visually than Dance Derby of the Century, especially at this point in the season. I loved the fishbones and horse heads on the flags. I love the Godfather movies and the music, and the Blue Devils certainly did them justice.

Again, congratulations to all the corps.

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I would like to apologize to anyone I have offended with my comments. I do not now nor ever mean anybody any harm. I was just kneejerk reacting to the second time that I have heard negative things being yelled from the stands at the Cadets.

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