Top 5 Spine-Tingling Moments of All-Time

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You just reminded me of some of the best goosebump I ever had.

1999. Madison. Every brass player in DCI opening ceremony at Camp Randall. Loudest music ever.

Was anyone else there for that?

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You just reminded me of some of the best goosebump I ever had.

1999. Madison. Every brass player in DCI opening ceremony at Camp Randall. Loudest music ever.

Was anyone else there for that?

I've seen a video of it and it looked awesome. Using the original version of the word awesome...not the hot dog version. But it wasn't my first experience of brass on a huge scale, and you always remember your first.

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1. Watching North Stars ( Mass.) drumline practice before finals in 1979. Incredible! :wink: They ended up .1 behind SCV for top drums in finals.

2. Beating SCV for the first time. August 11th 1982 Hunttington WV

3. Watching Blue Devils perform their show in Bayonne NJ two days later.

4. 1987 Cadets

5. 2003 Cavaliers

6. Watching SCV in 1980. Talk about ground breaking drill writing!

7.1980 prelims and finals 27th, Devils, Bridgemen and Spirit within 1point of each other.

8. 1976 DCI prelims everybody was so good.

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1. End of Madison's 1995 Bullfight show

2. Canon Reprise & End of Regiment's 2003 show

3. SCV's Music of the Night Company Front in 1988/89

4. Cadets' Closing moments of the 1995 show

5. Regiment's "arc" to finish in the 1996 show

Honorable Mention

- Carolina Crown's "Angel" in 2005

- Cadets' 2005 Ballad

- Cadets Ballad from the 1992 show

- Regiment's close to Fire of Eternal Glory & the Wedge close to the opener in 1993

- SCV's Carmen chords from the tunnel in 1990

- Madison's closing minute of the 1997 Pirates show

- Madison's closing minute of the 1999 JCS show

- Star's cross to cross in 1991

- Regiment's Ave Maria in 2006

- Cadets' disolving/reappearing company front in 1987

- End of SCV's RCM opener in 1987

- The end of Boston's "Con Te Partiro" in 2000

- Many moments from Cadets' Les Mis show in 1989

- Star's "wall of sound" in 1990

- Colts' closer in 1995, especially considering the tragedy surrounding the parent of a corps member during finals week.

- the close of Bluecoats 1995 WW2 show.

Just a few of the many that come to mind - sadly with many more from the 90s than the current decade...


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I'll chime in and agree with Cadets 1995 (been a while since I've looked through this whole thread). I was listening to the closer at work the other day, and I played rifle-soli to end over and over and over...when the music stops, and you can hear the rifle work, the random audience yells, then the one or two guys...right before the rifles are done...yell out "OHHHH!!!" and then the hornline opens up with that beautiful Far and Away theme... and I've seen it so many times... the flag coming forward, that big fat last chord, Iwo Jima... really an incredible last minute or so.

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1. Cadets 05 ballad :lookaround::satisfied::blink:

2. Recap at the end of phantom 03 ^0^ ^0^

3. Defiant Heart b**bs

4. Last show of the season in 06 :(

5. Watching Vanguard live, and how they carried themselves while doing simple stuff like getting in a block after a show.. intensity

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Gotta reply...

So many great moments have been mentioned here so far! For me, I can't really say this is my top 5, but these come to mind:

The Cavaliers '90

I marched in the show. Everytime I see the show now or hear any music of the show I get goose bumps. What an experience!

Star '90

The first few chords of the show were pure magic. The last part of the show was too. Gosh this show doesn't get the repsect it deserves. Jim Prime and company wrote a classic. Star members rose to the challenge! What a total product!

Star '91

The whole thing!

SCV '88

The whole show was just magical pagentry. One of the best shows of all time.

Phantom '2006

So much emotion. They earned a fan!

Blue Devils 1985

The music for the whole show. The chordal structure in Life Earth. Man! One of the best writing jobs EVER!

Okay, that's 6, but there are too many more that I wan't to put on... I had to just sneak on more in! LOL

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1992 VK when the shark comes out and eats the fat lady.

1983 Mello Runs in Garfield.

1984 La Fiesta - BD

1986 Sky Ryders Over The Rainbow

1987 SCV push to the end

2003 BD Opener towards the end

2003 Phantom - in a lot of places especially the end push

1993 Phantom - the moving wedge across the field

1988 - End of Scouts Malaguena

2000 Cadets - the entire show

1985 Suncoast - the hornline

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Hearing my first live show ( that wasn't the corp i was in) ...scv 2004 from the inside of a port-o-potty just off the field (long story) while preparing for the after show concert.

The wait...every time i watch a phantom conductor pull out the baton. :doh:

Crown's 2004 show..."Seasons of love" rock out section (4 minutes and 34 seconds on the finals recording for those of you keeping score) ...gets my vote for best use of vocals...except for possibly...

the Cavies fight club sequence

Esperanza 2005- hit right after the quintet in the ballad. (quintet starts at 5:04)

one night at rehearsal...lightning struck just in time for the hits ( 5:47 and 6:10 and a huge one at the hit at 6:49) just can't make moments like those...once in a lifetime.

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1 Madison 75 - the whole show

2 Madison 76 - the opening fanfare

3 North Star 79 - the solo in Ole' where Noonan aimed it right at Maynard Ferguson (who was doing the commentary with Rondo (who was doing it for the first time))

4 Garfield 87 - the whole show

5 27 Lancers 80 - the drum solo w/ exciting and clean guard work, plus the rifles passing through the snares in Danny Boy. I still can't understand why guards don't even seem to try to be clean these days, but I digress...

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