Top 5 Spine-Tingling Moments of All-Time

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I'll chime in and agree with Cadets 1995 (been a while since I've looked through this whole thread). I was listening to the closer at work the other day, and I played rifle-soli to end over and over and over...when the music stops, and you can hear the rifle work, the random audience yells, then the one or two guys...right before the rifles are done...yell out "OHHHH!!!" and then the hornline opens up with that beautiful Far and Away theme... and I've seen it so many times... the flag coming forward, that big fat last chord, Iwo Jima... really an incredible last minute or so.

Those guys don't shut up for the entire show!

Wooo! Wooo! <**>

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1. 96 Phantom Regiment - the big chord resolution in the closer

2. 89 SCV - Music of the Night company front

3. 93 Phantom Regiment - Fire of Eternal Glory

4. 87 Garfield - dissolving company front

5. 91 Star - the company front out of nowhere in the opener (and the entire rest of the show)

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1980- 27th Danny Boy

1985- Troopers Sunburst

1997- Madison Scouts the last chord

1999- Santa Clara Vanguard closing sequence

2006- Phantom Regiment closer

But if you ask me another day I'll probably have 5 different best memories. There are just so many!!!!!

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SCV 1986-Levitate!

Madison 1988-The last chords of death. Unbelievable. I don't know if I've ever heard crowd noise like that either.

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(re cadets 95)

Those guys don't shut up for the entire show!

Wooo! Wooo! <**>

True, but I don't mind it SO much, better than the screaming girls...but the OHHH at the end of the rifle work is PERFECT to me. For a year with SUCH pit-heavy (and therefore cheap-seat audience reaction-heavy) recordings, there aren't any really annoying things said or what not that I can remember...not like 'spank me!' during Madison 96... I do like to hear audience reaction in my recordings.

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