Top 5 Spine-Tingling Moments of All-Time

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82 Madison - Entire show. The reason I eventually marched.

84 Garfield - Ballad to the end.

84 BD - La Fiesta

88 Vanguard - Music of the night

95 Madison - Whole show

00 Vanguard - Adagio

06 MSARP - coming out of the tunnel onto the field, looking up

and seeing and hearing that great crowd. Priceless!

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SCV '99 the park and blow part

BD 2003(?) where the entire drumline goes nuts behind the cymbalrack

Kidsgrove Scouts 2004, before the show started the hornline puts up an arc facing to the side-tribune where all the corpsmembers were that didn't have to perform that night and I sat there and they blew me out of me seat with their warm-up.

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1. SCV 2006 - Their show (Moto Perpetuo) was just awesome. To me, it was a lot better than ATTRACTION: The Music of Scheherazade, and Russisa: Revolution/Evolution. Those shows really have no musical movement to me, like they had no real fast attention grabber parts, except for the introduction to Scheherazade. Anyway, back to the 2006 show. I loved it. I'm usually a shy person, but I was on my feet after seeing this show in Atlanta at the Southeastern Championships. Man I loved this show. Key does an excellent job with composing for the SCV.

2. Phantom Regiment 2006 - This show was my second favorite, only second to SCV. I always have loved dark dissonant shows, and that's exactly what their show was. I also was on my feet after seeing this one. :silly:

3. Cavaliers 2006 - This show was just......abstract, but I have always loved abstract. Everything about this show was awesome. It was much better than their 2005 production, My Kind of Town. That show just wasn't a Cavaliers show...

4. Cadets 2005 (2005, NOT 2006) - I really loved their 2005 show, the Zone. It was VERY abstract.

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I know some of these are repeats, but here I go anyway...

'87 Cadets dissolving company front

'88 SCV Diagonal company front

Phantom Dissappears! My goosebumps got goosebumps

The entire CORPS dissappears!!! I nearly wet myself!

The phantom REAPPEARS backfield!!! Could somebody hand me a towel or something!?!

'89 Phantom the big hit right after the soprano part near the end and then the wedge!

'91 Star the Cross to Cross ending (probably the one that never fails to get me)

'92 (lots here)

BD When a Man Loves A Woman

SCV coming off the line and then the Bottle Dance

Star making the flag at the end (you say corny, I say awesome!) not to mention Amber Waves!!

'93 Phantom the Crap step Wedge

Out of time, but that'll do for now.

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Sitting in the stands right beside Gail when he conducted "Clowns" for SCV's Victory concert in 89'

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1- 2000 The Cadets - Company front to Close

2- 1990 Star of Indiana - Final Push with Drill

3- 1999 Santa Clara Vanguard - Final Push

4- 2006 Phantom Regiment - Closer

5- 1987 Garfield Cadets - Dissolving Company Front

1979 27th Lancers Guard tosses during drum solo and Danny Boy

1983 -84 Garfield Cadets Z-pull

1988 - Santa Clara company front from Music of the night

2003 - Phantom Sanctus hit at programs end

2000 - Boston Conte

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Distinct lack of love for old school moments here. <**>

I'm... sorry?

What do you want me to do, force myself to get goosebumps when I watch "old school" videos? If you've found a way to do that I'd be really interested, because it's a feeling that I think would be nice to be able to reproduce.

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Old school is great, but I can understand that its hard to get goose-bumps from a video if you weren't lucky enough to experience the moment live at some point.

For example, those of you that got to see Spirit in 1980 will probably agree that no method of recording could capture the entire emotion behind it. Therefore, it is a stretch to accuse a younger audience of not getting the full impact when the full impact can't really be expressed through a dvd.

I love old school shows - but I understand why they don't get as much mention from younger fans. Personally, I'm more of a late 80s through the 90s person.

Also, the newer stuff is much fresher in our minds.

That said, I still can't get enough of:

1989 - Freelancers - the openner is awesome (ET)

1993 - Phantom Regiment - Fire of Eternal Glory

1989 - Phantom Regiment - the hit at the end does it - where the low brass cut out for the suspended note in the high brass, and then turn and come back in.

1995 - Blue Devils - closser - tons of energy comming from the corps

1997 - Madison Scouts - closser - from about the point where the two pirates sword fight on top of the rotating drum rack to the end

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27th Danny Boy- Rifles spining in perfect unison, then on their backs!

Phantom- Spartacus Finale!!!

Cavaliers- 2000 Diamond cut drill to the end.

SCV- 2000 whole show, just beautiful, should have beaten BD that year IMO. :ph34r:

Phantom- 06 whole show!!! :silly:

Honorable mention

Troopers- Cheyenne Anthem, loved the back feild solos; star burst!!!

Kingsmen- watching them at my first show from the endzone, awesome!!!

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2006 Phantom - The whole show is almost orgasmic

1995 (I think) Cadets - The "All American" show

a. The Iwo Jima moment. WOW

b. When they create a parade in the middle of their show

1988 Velvet Knights - Pee Wee Herman, a Fat Lady eaten by a shark, and tribal dancers (Doest it get any better?)

2006 Magic - When the guard creates huge red & pink ribbons for AIDS/Cancer awareness during the ballad, it was unexpected and almost moved me to tears

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