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Top 5 Spine-Tingling Moments of All-Time

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1. Cadets 87- Dissolving company front

2. SCV 89 - Company front in "Music of the Night"

3. Cadets 00 - Company front at the end of the closer

4. Star 93 - Drums playing up to their eyeballs followed by crazy brass a cappela chord progression.

5. Madison 97 - The Chord

Honorable Mention:

Boston 00 - End of Con Te Partiro

SCV 00 - Loudness during Adagio

Phantom 03 - Canon Reprise

The top 3 never - literally - fail to give me goosebumps. I can't think of one time I've listened to/watched those shows without that same reaction.

Y tu?

1. Blue Devils 1986 (Whole show.....especially the soprano quartet til the end)

2. Madison Scouts 1999 (The closer)

3. Spirit (2003 end of show....makes me think back to them jumping two places in semis to

make it in to the big Sat. night show)

4. Crossmen 1997 (end of show)

5. SCV 1997 (End of opener)

There are so many more but the criteria is five.......

Triple Forte

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Magic 02 DCI Finals. Not only full body chills but it made my arms jump out in front of me and spazz out in all directions from the horn hits. I just wasn't ready for that so early in the night or maybe ever.

Renegades 03 DCA Finals, end of show. OMG the place just came apart.

Star 93 DCI Final. Whoa!!!

Phantom '03 DCI Finals Thanks for the extra counts at the end. Extended my life by years.


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In no particular order. . .

living flag at the end of BAC 2002

BWBB - Cadets 2002

Star 93 - from the HUGE hit to the end

SCV 2000 - Adagio

Phantom 2003 & SCV 2004 - the entire shows (tie)

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Where to start???

1. Madison Scouts 1988 Malaguena wedge (OK, I was a marching member)

2. Garfield Cadets 1982 Concerto in F - tenor drum break/flag exchange

3. Phantom Regiment 1977/78 Beethoven's Ninth flag change/color pre

4. Madison Scouts 1978 Malaguena opener - the whole song

5. SCV - 1980 Concert - Evita - the whole song

Very honorable mentions go to the Blue Devils 1999? (I think - Rhythms at the End of Time or whatever it was called - way to go color guard), Phantom Regiment 1993/1994, Cavaliers 50th anniversary show, MADISON 1982 rifles--BEST. EVER. Regiment's Spartacus years

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1. 88 Madison - from the mello solo to the end...this MUST be listened to with headphones. No I didn't see it live but is still my top pick. Would pay anything to go back in time and experience that moment!

2. 97 Madison (LIVE) That last ears bleed. Haven't heard anything like it since.

3. 93 Phantom (LIVE) - Fire of eternal Glory and also the crab step (Finals show). There was 3 standing O's in that show!

4. 92 BD (LIVE) - When a Man Loves a Woman. Standing at field level right in front of horn line...I laughed, I cried, I wet myself

5. 90 Star (LIVE)- That 1st chord is amazingly beautiful and the final push is sooo sweet. Was the first time I had ever seen them. Was the Atlanta show after "Spirit camp.

6. Have to include just one more - 84 Spirit Sop Solo - WOW!!!! LOVE the Atlanta crowd reaction on the CD, didn't see it live but still get chills every time I listen to it with headphones.

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1. "Vanguard" yell in SCV '04.

2. Phantom Regiment '03 - Cannon Reprise.

3. Arizona Academy's 05- First note (It was the first drum corps show that I really knew what was going on.)

4. SCV '89 - Company front.

5. Phantom Regement '89 - Ending wedge.

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I have heard a recording of the 1996 score announcements and that was very very very cool to hear!

Anyone know where to find that these days?

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2000 SCV - Adagio hit

1983 Garfield - Z-Pull Sequence

1995 Madison - Closing statement, but the whole show is incredible

2004 SCV - Chord hit after Sop. Trio

2003 Phantom - Canon Reprise, but another whole show sensation.

Forgot one (ok, it's 6, shoot me)

2000 BD - Pit feature.

Edited by MikeM

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