Top 5 Spine-Tingling Moments of All-Time

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Distinct lack of love for old school moments here. <**>

Well, here comes some old least relatively...

1. 1980 Spirit of Atlanta 'Let It Be Me'...Incredible, raw emotion poured on both the field and in the stands. I have yet to experience ANYTHING like that since.

2. Madison 1988 Malaguena...I heard this 2 weeks before Finals; and told my friends that this could be a darkhorse. Had to go pick up baby on field after the show.. :wub:

3. Garfield Cadets West Side Story show in 1984...Had 50 ydline seats for Whitewater prelims; was literally on the edge of my seat in SHOCK at what they were doing; and how in the world they did not just run all over each other! (My fears were proven out in finals... :wub:) This was a seminal moment in the history and direction of the entire activity; and IMHO may be one of the best shows ever put together.

4. SCV final push in Phantom show 1988...One of the most beautiful endings I have ever seen; and for some reason did not quite come off as well in 1989.

5. The top 4 corps in Birmingham 1980 (yeah, I know, Spirit again. It was just one of those special shows...) Still rates up there as the tightest competition; and the best top 4 insofar as era is concerned in DCI history.

There have been many other moments; but these are the ones I have witnessed that I have never forgotten.

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Can't believe no one has said this yet. Blue Devils 1994, towards the end...the small ensemble portion during Latin Fantasy ends with a sop duet. When that guy reaches that last high note I just HAVE to throw my arms in the air, smile, and shout, "YEAH! HAHA!"

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Finally, someone back into the 80's...... here is mine:

1. Anytime Madison did Maleguena

2. Anytime SCV guard did the bottle dance

3. Anytime 27th did Danny Boy

4. Anything done by the Bridgemen from 1978-1981

5. Any Cavaliers guard work that pushed the envelope


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1. Madison 1999: When the Star form hits out of the cross.

2. Cavies 1997: The extremely dark first impact after a very tense build up. (to this day, one of my most vivid drum corps memories is seeing Cavies at quarterfinals in 1997, sitting down in front, and being torn apart by that chord.)

3. SCV 2004: The Vanguard yell.

4. Madison 1988: The moment the wedge hits out of the mello solo.

5. Star 1991: When the first cross forms.

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I meant Implosion, honest. :blink:

So many shows were seemingly overshadowed by Garfield that year. 84 BD doesn't get enough love IMO. La Fiesta is also great. The last real concert number.

84 BD was one of their best shows, period. Latin Implosion would be one I would love to hear on the field again.

Here are my top five all timers not in any certain order.

85 Suncoast Sound - Baritones opening chord

91 - Star of Indiana - Cross to Cross

06 - Phantom Regiment - Ave Maria

06 Crown - Closer - 20 seconds of brass bliss impact chords - This was classic drum corps!!

87 SCV - opener - WOW

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The five that really got me that I saw live are:

1. 1973 Santa Clara Vanguard - the first time I saw the BOTTLE DANCE

2. 1975 Madison Scouts - Opening statement in the show

3. 1976 Blue Devils - Chanel One Suite

4. 1989 Santa Clara Vanguard - Company Front in Music of the Night

5. 1991 Star of Indiana - The Double Crosses at the end of the show

Honorable Mention

1996 Phantom Regiment - WHOLE SHOW

1989 Cadets of Bergen County - WHOLE SHOW

1995 Madison Scouts - WHOLE SHOW

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So many things in Phantom Regiment 2006.

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