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SCV & Outkast

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I don't know if anyone knew this, I might just be out of the loop but....

The main drum beat from Outkast's song "Spread" is identical to the beat at the end of SCV's 2004 Double Beat drum cadence.

The Outkast cd "Speakerboxx/The Love Below" was released on September 23rd, 2003. The new version of SCV's double beat was written by Murray Gusseck for the 2004 drumline.



SCV pre-Outkast cd release(2003):

SCV post-Outkast cd release(2004):


Is this a Conspiracy? Am I just way behind the times? Have any other cadences been written for other lines that contain these little quotes?


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Yes. Outkast is in there... But the MAIN beat is from a remix of Steve Reich's piece "drumming" by Mantronik, off of the "Reich Remixed" album...


"I can't wait to get you home" best tenor lick ever.

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hey... YEAH! :P

The influences for excercises and warm ups sometimes are born, melded or morphed into things that make the excercises kind of

fun (or "funner"... :P ) to play. While I know you were kinda joking a bit here... I see no conspiracy.

Double Beat in any one of it's many incarnations is always a treat... especially when played by SCV.

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