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Tough Corps vs. Crazy Corps


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Being a Govenaire is never an easy task, but this is ridiculous:





Looks a lot like Johnson County, KS at the moment. Snows not as high but everything is snow covered and frozen.

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Nate's playing Mellophone this year? I wish both Nate and Bethany luck. They'll do well for the Govies, I'm sure.

No, he's on trumprano. He's in the front of the line there tan jacket - you can't see his horn. We're pleased as pie to have him around.

Yamaha Tubas - Super Sweet. :angry:

Chrome Tubas - Better than nothing at all.

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Not to take away from that, but that's nothing compared to corps from Canada. A major source of fundraising is marching in Christmas parades, sometimes up to three a day.

Your pictures look like a cakewalk compared to some of the horrendous conditions I've marched in. :)

Corps looks great, though!

Haha. I was wondering how long it would take to get a: "Oh yeah, when I was kid, I had to ........" response. Too funny. :P

Best wishes for a great season Govies. It's a balmy 40 degrees and partly cloudy outside my window today.

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I am going to confess. Our snow is not that deep either. Those are snow banks made from the plows. I purposely posted all the pictures that look like we're drowning in snow. We actually only have about a foot of snow at the moment and didn't have any snow till mid-January. The temperature for that day was about 25 degress (that's Farenheit for you Canadians). And as Amber pointed out, we were reheasing for a parade we're doing in two weeks in St Paul (Winter Carnival).

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I believe those are brand new Yamaha BBb's are they not? Nice horns very dark sound. Cabs line is yamaha. Great Choice

Yeah, I played on them for some auditions. Can't complain. If I ever went to a corps with Bb horns (which I may never anytime soon), I'd want to play one of those. But not those prototypes the cavies have that weigh 13 lbs. I want a meaty horn!

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you didn't see the part where we marched up hill both ways, eh?

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Why in the 1980 Olympics opening ceremony ... blah blah blah... with an injured bass drummer on my back ...blah blah... :P

Seriously, you folks should try gluing sandpaper to the bottoms of your corps shoes. Helps prevent slipping on the ice! Good luck in the parade!!

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