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Menagerie was simply amazing. They impacted me deeply. I do remember the crowd being very "mixed" in their response. I was marching in a crappy class A guard at the time so I had the opportunity to watch many of their performances. From that point on I knew that I wanted to start a guard that could have that kind of impact. After a 2 year (83/84) stint with the Cavaliers several of us left to form Anthron. We lasted for 4 years and made the World finals 2 times. Menagerie was a definite influence to many of us who wrote the show. Thanks for remembering them!

I remember Anthron! So cool that Menagerie had that kind of influence on you! Thanks for sharing that memory. :)

Someone else mentioned Conquest's moving backdrops in 1984. I remember that show, too! Was that a kind of vampire/monster program? That was an amazing show!

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Speaking of little know guards or under appreciated guards.  There was a high school guard out of South West, Florida called Players. I believe that they were only competed At nationals for 3-4 years in th late 80’s.  I believe they placed 10th place in HS Open Class.  The show that did so well was about a forest and the circle of life. Does anyone else remember this show?  I remember that they had bunny rabbits, flowers, and lumber jacks as characters and at one point they had enormous flame flags and the forest burned down.

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