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  2. Fun to see that kinda reaction from someone who isn't familiar with the activity. You know that friend your share Drum Corp with and you hope they react the way you do....and they don't....and then they kinda aren't your friend anymore! lol. Anyway, fun to watch.
  3. I saw one show early season (in Ohio) and then got to see Finals in Madison. My favorite show was Santa Clara. The creativity in this show, in my opinion, really is the beginning for props, staging, even costume design. It's nothing like today obviously, but you could see the development beginning in 86 and continuing with a different version of their Russian show in 87, then Phantom of the Opera in 88 and 89. They were a joy to watch in 86. Blue Devils were crazy good and CLEAN as all get out, and the jazz was toe-tapping. They really were a machine. My joy of watching BD at that time was probably more due to just how consistently excellent, clean, and professional they were with every element of their show. Yes, they have talent; but it takes a ton of effort to perform like they did that year. Definitely one of their cleaner shows along with 94 and 97. I'd say 1980 and 1982 were as clean, but visual programs were quite different even by 1986. Now my favorite BD shows of the 80s are 1982 and 1984. For some reason those just speak to me. But I was floored by the polish of the 86 corps. Another show I loved that year was Troopers, who did a very stately version of Battle Hymn and made finals. Fantastic! You had Sky Ryders doing the best Wizard of Oz show I've seen. Fantastic arrangements! Along with SCV, here is another corps that began to give us props, staging, acting, characterizations, etc. They would continue this with their West Side Story show in 87. Suncoast Sound’s “Adventures in Time” show was incredibly good and based on Stan Kenton Orchestra’s 1962 suite. Many today may not remember Suncoast Sound, but check out their brass line from those years, including 1986. They were incredibly good. Certainly one of the 4 or 5 best brass lines in the activity for a while in those years. Star of Indiana was awesome! Their E.T., Close Encounters, Star Wars show was a fan favorite for sure. Despite Phantom Regiment's lower placement, due to many factors, I loved the music and did enjoy the show. Carnival Overture was really well done and a nice arrangement. The closer needed work and never quite got the lift you would expect from Mahler 2. Garfield Cadets definitely went out on a limb with 86 brass, small guard, and some interesting ideas...BUT the music was fantastic! On The Waterfront is great music for field and the arrangements were well done. Some great drill writing as usual. Cavaliers continued to show everyone that they were making a run for a title. They were 5th in 1985 with their Planets show, and in 86 brought Wind Ensemble music to the field. The big tune was Variations on a Korean Folk Song. I had never thought about how that tune could work on the field, but they made it work in the most amazing way for that time. Spirit of Atlanta went back to a southern-style Dixie/Gospel show with a nice arrangement of "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" along with some other great tunes. I liked the show but probably enjoyed them better in 85. Madison was still entertaining as all heck, but the show was a step back, IMO, from 85. Seeing the Bluecoats in 15th got me excited that an Ohio corps was on the doorstep of making Finals, which they would achieve just one year later in 1987. ----------------- All in all, 1986 was a solid year for DCI. I didn't see enough shows during the season to really comment on the race to Finals week, but what I did see at Finals was flat-out exciting. Seeing 27th Lancers not make Finals again was difficult. I had seen them in 1980, 81, 82. In those days they were part of the top 5 or 6 crowd. Just 3 years later they could not make Finals and it seemed the end was near for the corps. Seeing Troopers make Finals was good for the soul. After all, we just don'e get to see Troopers make Finals too often.
  4. DCI has announced that its I&E event, which has been dubbed the "Performers' Showcase" for the past several years, will be virtual this year: And the announcement notes there is an "over 22" division in which DCA members are specifically invited to perform. Video-submitted performances will be judged in late July and early August.
  5. Did VK ever do a 'time machine' show? That would have been hilarious.
  6. Little known fact: VK had a time machine and was just copying White Sabers' 2019 show. (That also might not be true.)
  7. I agree that 86 was a weak program for PR...but getting food poisoning sure didn't help matters.
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  9. Dang I need to get her to do Phantom 2010. I can tell she'd love that one
  10. An unexpected and unwelcome medical issue seems to always hurt a corps, but I’m not sure if more rehearsal time would have had too much of an impact on Phantom in 1986. The had been ahead of Sky Ryders a few times in 1986 (DCX is very helpful) but 1986 was one of their weaker shows. Now a corps that did suffer due to losing rehearsal time is 27th Lancers. It looked as if 27th might squeeze into finals after missing 1985 and had placed higher than Velvet Knights, Troopers, and Sky Ryders at different points of the season but lots of rehearsal time just before finals was lost due to bus breakdowns.
  11. I'm sorry that I was commenting on the Bluecoats statement on the Bluecoats thread. I now realize that my comment was off topic to the Bluecoats. Thank so much for pointing out my error!
  12. On an unrelated note: I’m not sure if this has ever been brought up before but can anyone else TOTALLY imagine Bloo playing this? And the Huntertones are from Ohio!
  13. Ugh. Phantom had food poisoning issues for 2002 finals I think, too. Interesting that you read it in Stars and Stripes.
  14. Back to DCI....86 was the year Regiment got a bad case of food poisoning after Stillwater...tainted water used in their spaghetti, IIRC. I read about it in Stars & Stripes, the US military newspaper. I have ti think it affected the performance at finals, since people lost a good chunk of rehearsal time in the latter part of the season. The 06 corps redeemed the closer, tho.
  15. I can’t imagine anyone watching that .
  16. It was also the year Dagenham Crusaders won DCUK (ok....Conquest Alliance tied with us) wearing BD-style uniforms and playing "West Side Story"...oh, the irony for me. I remember calling from the UK (I was in the USAF and over there on temporary duty at the time...managed to march Dagenham because I had weekends off) to try and find scores back when there was a score line.
  17. Little known fact: Vanguard would have won Finals going away, had they not been penalized 1.0 by the Ukrainian judge for putting Kiev in Russia, and 1.0 by an old VFW judge for the drum major's hippie haircut. That is not true. BD was untouchable (and made Rod Goodhart say, 'OH ####!') Santa Clara was magic (figuratively and literally). Cavies continued their climb with wind band music. Garfield played Bernstein great (as usual) but decided to do weird guard. Suncoast, Spirit, Madison and Star all had amazing hornlines and unique takes on great music. Sky Ryders had brains, heart and courage. This was such an off-year for Phantom that no one has even put up a video of them. It was Troopers' last time in Finals in 23 years. Velvet Knights played a show that Cavaliers would do a pale knock-off of in 2004 (that's not true either). 27th Lancers played 'Move On,' then... moved on. 😞 Les Eclipses took the Semis crowd to Paris. Bluecoats were turning heads, Boston Crusaders was still not dying, and Dutch Boy was screaming. Tell us about 1986. 1. Blue Devils: Finals Performance, Field Percussion Tape, Stillwater MN (Rod Goodhart), Early Season, Riverside CA' 2. Santa Clara Vanguard: Finals Performance, Early Season, Bakersfield CA 3. Cavaliers: Finals Performance 4. Garfield Cadets: Finals Performance, Statue of Liberty Re-dedication Opening Ceremony 5: Suncoast Sound: Finals Performance 6. Spirit of Atlanta: Finals Performance 7. Madison Scouts: Finals Performance' 8. Star of Indiana: Finals Performance 9. Sky Ryders: Finals Performance 10. Phantom Regiment - see below 11. Troopers: Finals Performance 12. Velvet Knights: Finals Performance, Early Season - Riverside CA 13. 27th Lancers: Semifinals Performance, GE Percussion Tape - August 10 14. Les Eclipses: Semifinals Performance 15. Bluecoats: Clip 16. Boston Crusaders 17. Dutch Boy Performance (date and location unknown)
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  19. Looking for the following from 1999 1999 DCI Div. 2/3 Finals VHS set (2 tapes) 1999 Santa Clara Vanguard Tour Video VHS I had both but my copies bit the dust... looking to replace them if anyone has them available for sale or trade
  20. Twenty years ago tonight, that's about how much sleep I got en route to see The Priest. That was an uphill battle.
  21. I'm on pins and needles. No wait, that was Minnesota Brass's final show.
  22. Moi aussi, at least 90%. And in the interest of staying on topic, I'll just say that it might be fun if Bluecoats or some other corps, taking a cue from Boston's use of "My Shot" from Hamilton last year, included "You'll Be Back" in a future production. Although if JL's "mad scientists" and "no drama" really were hints about what Bloo was prepearing, I'm not sure this excellent song would fit. A couple years ago, I saw a marching band mashup that song and "The Battle of Yorktown," with two different conductors like a Charles Ives peice. it was a bit beyond their reach, but it still worked. By contrast, I also just listened to the title and end credit themes from the TV show Designated Survivor, and I think they're pretty bland. Not worth Bluecoats or any other corps doing. (I've never seen that show; is it any good?) There was a blurry still image form that show circulating widely over the past 24 hours, which is why I looked up the music. But that's a topic more befitting a discussion of Cavaliers' 2016 show, probably, than of anything Bluecoats have done or plan to do.
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