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  2. Partially agree. But, his expertise is brass and building strong, high quality / highly competitive horn lines, and that’s why most would appreciate his return.
  3. I am definitely getting tired of The Cadets having to do this. It seems like this could have been avoidable too. I really hope we don't look back at this season as "... if only they didn't have to play catch up". It doesn't matter how talented a group is, but when they are learning over a minute of a show during tour while the rest of the corps are cleaning, the odds are not in their favor. Hopefully they can get the RIGHT fixes in enough time to compete. Silver lining: the fact that even with the show so incomplete they are competing where they were last year is impressive. It speaks not just to the staff but the level of performer that is still choosing The Cadets. There many corps that wouldn't be able to recover from what The Cadets have had to deal with.
  4. Unpopular opinion: The 2008-13 era of BD has actually grown on me a lot.
  5. One of my favorite corps shirts was a Cadets shirt in the early 90's. It was a blurry version of their logo, with the caption "Don't worry, it will be clear in August"
  6. Your wit is sufficient and noted. It’s your sensitivity to oblique comments that’s on display. And I’m not sure how you got from A show About Design Disasters to “Bluecoats are Narcissistic”. BTW, they could call their shtick something witty like “Design Disasters, because the Bluecoats do bad design better than anyone”. (Lighten up, Nancy. It’s just June.)
  7. Come on, man. We’ve been over this ; the Scouts had been in ST since mid-May. Plus, DCI has rules now about rest days. Maybe Scouts front-ended this one to devote more time in rehearsal later.
  8. Perhaps I misunderstood your comment. 🤷‍♂️ I would try to incorporate something about "shtick", garfield... but I'm at a loss for anything witty.
  9. Thank you. It’s not the performers. It’s what they are given to perform. While the Scouts’ program is infinitely better than it has been over the last few years, the degree of difficulty isn’t there. In other words, it’s too easy. This wrecks the music analysis score and there’s not a darn thing any of those young men in the field can do about it. I’m confident the staff will make the show harder and more competitive as the season progresses.
  10. Exactly right. Shut up unless you agree with me!
  11. No, I’m brand new here and know nothing about any of theses bands. I’m only here to lurk and cause trouble. /sarcasm (Psst...I actually love Fini.)
  12. I can't recall the year, but it was leading up to 2011 (when everyone came out and made highly entertaining shows... because Cesario pretty much asked them to). One or two of those late 2000's I paid very little attention because the broader entertainment value was down all around. Attending a show was becoming a somewhat exhausting exercise of 'appreciation', rather than an exercise of summertime consumption. 2011 spun me back around... really dug Crown that year (the Rach Star show).
  13. 100% They looked better than last year on premiere night in my opinion. Last years visual design was a mess, I just close my eyes and listen to the show in my opinion.
  14. Ouch. You do know that the Bluecoats treat the greater audience as the most important asset of a drumcorps show, don't you? That's the opposite of self indulgence. The EXACT opposite, now that I think about it.
  15. Love the positive comment. Its' been a week now and everyone including the Cadets design team knows what's working and what's not. All I would like is a season of not catching up because of constant visual changes. Let's correct quickly and in good Cadet fashion clean the snot out of the show. COLORGUARD take a deep breath--now perform your butts off and sell this show BEHOLD. There are many fans out there who want to see the Cadets do well and I am at the top of that list. I will be very vocal when I come on tour in Allentown. Cadets always get pumped to perform in front of their fan base and alumni. Go Cadets Go!!! Irving Fan of the Arts
  16. You sure about that?
  17. Us dumb old brass and drum players don't know what we are looking at. But the concern was really about conceptual writing and content (as it was for the drums last year). I don't think that the membership or the teaching is weak in guard (I know they are the best and brightest). The observation that causes concern is that the apparent guard work and its effect seems... maybe... to us dumb old brass and drum players... to possibly be taking a back seat in the writing to other elements of the show design. Given that their visual numbers last night (including guard) were tracking ahead of the other captions is a good sign that indeed... we are dumb old brass and drum players that don't know what we are looking at.
  18. Oh! Oh! Bluecoats should sponsor this research and then make a show out of it. Sort of a “Fini” of hot mess design disasters done to score top 5. I might actually care about Coats again after that.
  19. Says he was never overworked, underfed, sick, or injured. Demands that Scouts overwork current members. You should leave the activity.
  20. I've heard from multiple people that it does it to them too. Not just my internet. Doesn't do it with anything else.
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  22. One way to get there (but it has some steep monetary implications for the organization, unless it is done smartly) is to branch out audition camp locations. I don't know where they recruit from right now (maybe they already do this), but offering camp opportunities several states away from home base can do a great deal to bring in more auditions, thereby increasing the pool and the potential for grabbing more collegiate music majors. You have to truck/bus some equipment and staff to the off site camp maybe 2 or 3 times in the early phase and give the serious long distance candidates some slack on participation at home base camps until much closer to move-in (there are equitable ways to do that). What matters most is getting that final group together with enough time to teach them at the pre-season move in camp... you can start competing a week later, etc (which may save a little expense as well).
  23. Most impressive moment of this show to me is the opening brass hit. Sustain at a standstill, seamless transition into a jazz run, and diminuendo....serious box 5 level demanding and execution already. What a great opening effect moment and I've not really heard anyone point this out.
  24. See you next week Terri. Irving Fan of the Arts
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