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  2. In many ways I do not disagree. But i refuse to rule anything out with delayed additions to endings, and less group think hive mind approach to judging
  3. On a superficial level, I guess one could make the argument that these shows are created within the same style. But absolutely not.
  4. Being the "underdog" has always been a great motivator for me!
  5. Completely agree. I've never really been much of a Beatles fan. But you can't deny their clean show. Though, I still think Ghostlight is a better concept.
  6. I agree with these points. Something is off with the Goliath character and people say it all the time whether they say he needs a weapon, a different uniform, show up earlier, put up more of a fight, etc.. But the designers were clear that they did not want to present this show in a linear story telling way like they did with Wicked games and SOS. I think what feels uncomfortable was really intentional by design. if they show him early, build things up then kill him, they are back in a linear story. It's probably a response to the west coast story-less concepts. i'm not saying that's right or wrong, just part of the design.
  7. This is a valid point, which does deserve some thought.. I think one of the reasons that Phantom 08 got so much emotional involvement was the underdog, oppressed feelings you would get from the Imperials, their mistreatment of the guard was portrayed from the second they stepped on the field.. It added to the drama and made it clear thematically what was going on. Perhaps the design team didn't want to draw to many comparisons to Phantom but that does feel like an emotional link that is missing from the show that would elevate it to another level. You want to root for David, but really emotionally there is no reason to.
  8. If you know there is plenty of time left, then why say they need to get a move on? You're completely contradicting yourself with every post.
  9. Totally understood. Cavies lost momentum to BAC last year and allowed them to take 5th from them. They did beat them again somewhere in early August and then narrowly lost to them in Finals. Momentum definitely a factor. And if you look objectively ( I'm not objective when it comes to the Cavaliers ), what the Cavs did in 2017 was really the "moon lining up with Jupiter" to eek out a .037 ( or something like that) win over the Bluecoats on the very last show of the year. So...catching that twice in a bottle seems ( again objectively) highly unlikely. But it gives me a new thing to look at for fun as the tour winds down. First time we saw Boston this year we were 2.0 down. Last night we were 1.8 down. IF ( and that's a big IF) they shrink that to say...1.5-1.6 in Denton....well...then it will be worth continuing to watch. IF on the other hand, BAC starts to widen that gap, I feel like the Cavaliers may run out the season in a 6th place scoring Island. And I'll be perfectly fine with that. I love this show. Love that my kid is holding a baton. I love ALL the top 6-8 shows this year, and like a lot of the others. I swore at the beginning of the season not to let scores ruin my joy or enjoyment of all these great kids in these great corps. But when I looked back to 2017, it seemed like a fun thing to bring up and watch.
  10. I don’t think Bluecoats lost momentum as much as Cavaliers made a charge at the last possible moment and bested then by a nose. It was timing as much as anything.
  11. Which recap are you looking at? Cavies were only .05 thats five one hundredths of a point from Boston. I’d say they’re pretty even in the music caption. Visually the Cavaliers are dirty and it’s carrying over into the GE.
  12. Lol I’m thinking pizza and or box lunches tide pods do not sound yummy
  13. I do think that it seems harder to move up from 4-6 now. The corps at 5 and 6 are stealing points. There are only so many places to go and now with six destination corps, it’s progress by very small increments—and time isn’t on your side.
  14. THIS. It takes time. Simple as that. Honestly, I think they are doing well this year. No, I am not a fan of the show design, but the members are performing very well. They sound and march fantastic. As the above poster noted, they are exactly where I expected them to be this year. Their percussion section is worth the price of admission. Love that energy. There is simply no way any corps could go through what Cadets did and come out back on top or in the top 5 in just a matter of 2 or 3 years. There was simply too much of an overhaul in staff, management, board, finances, and you name it. This will take some time. I could care less about placement and just want to see this corps survive, give their members the best experience, and watch these kids perform the heck out of their shows. Yes, I would like to see better design, but I have a feeling they learned their lesson this year. It's time for some fun Cadets-like music and a show that builds on great music and movement. Placement could be 12th, and as long as they are having a blast and giving the crowd a great show, then I am good. There is a lot of competition out there right now. Blue Knights are really good, as are Stars, Crossmen, and many others.
  15. Food machines at the laundromat gonna be empty when the corps leaves lol
  16. I love the guard, probably my favorite of all shows. Drums and brass sound really good. Show concept is not over my head. Check. My only compliant? I just don't like the Goliath character. *shrug* I think I'd like it better if Goliath was introduced at the beginning of the show doing something to make the audience root for his demise. Then goes away for awhile, then brought back out at the end for a battle, then death. Hopefully that sounds like constructive criticism. The improvement BAC has shown in 3 years is amazing.
  17. Someone shall pull a Moses and part the way for us to get to the show.
  18. Interesting theory. I think there are two things for consideration. One, in 2017 Cavaliers picked up momentum as the season progressed. Bluecoats seemed to lose momentum. So is it possible for Cavies to gain momentum? It’s not scoring as well as some hoped, but it seems to be a crowd pleaser and that could work in their favor. Now will BAC lose momentum as the season progresses? That’s a bit more questionable. This is less likely, especially where they are battling Crown and both BAC and Crown are hoping one of the predicted top three plateaus.
  19. 1:15 PM Depart for Laundry (eat dinner at Laundry) Tonight's special is Tide la Orange with a dessert of Bounce a la mode.
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  21. 7/17/19 Housing Site: Sapulpa High School 7 S Mission St Sapulpa, OK 74066 Daily Schedule: 8:30 AM Wakeup Breakfast 8:45 AM Stretch Basics 9:15 AM Block 1 12:30 PM Lunch 1:15 PM Depart for Laundry (eat dinner at Laundry) 5:30 PM Block 2 9:10 PM Final Run/Corps Meeting 9:30 PM EPL - Dinner 11:05 PM BIS 11:15 PM Depart for Little Elm TX Full Day Donor Display: Erin Sowers & Family
  22. don't know if you remember me, played cymbals in 82, my brother ron was on Lead Bari though.
  23. I'm definitely pulling for Bluecoats this year. Such a fantastic show...and a very gutsy show in my opinion. So beautifully designed. But BD and SCV still scare the heck out of me. Those are fantastic shows, too...and I have been in love with BD's show since the season opened.
  24. I had to Google spatchcock, too. I wonder if I can work that into a conversation with the Mrs and not get slapped upside the head. The woman owns every kitchen gadget known to man, but can barely boil water.
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