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  2. Up on iTunes but not DCI's own MMDL. Lame. Just wanted to buy the Bluecoats in lossless while I wait for the CD's.
  3. Since most of those judging DCI have been judging HS Bands as well as DCI, I don't see the issue there. A judge evaluates the instrumentation presented. I was never a judge at the DCI level, but in the approx 200 HS band competitions I judged, I had to do that all the time. Esp in the smaller bands, I would actually count instruments and make a note on my sheet to myself, in order to know what sound I should expect to hear.
  4. Music side was just incredible - especially the winds Here's the drum centric video of them:
  5. Listening to Crown ... audio has no cuts, as far as I can tell. I’ve also listened to Cavies ... 11:04 seemed a bit short for them, but I could not identify any cuts.
  6. I don't think the actual number is the point - that's bus-sized. But, in general, the number is increasing. The presumption is that QUALITY at shows will improve and more tickets at higher prices will be sold. Not really, well, maybe a little Devil's advocate (ahem! NOT Blue Devil's advocate for anyone who's warped mind might take them that way...). I have a rudimentary understanding of the qualification process and the dedication of the group that's required. I wonder: Does BD REALLY want to look like a good marching band? How do they maintain "Major League" status. All of the things you describe are true - the requirements are high. And the math is tilted in favor of the champions. But, remember, in a weird way, smaller-budget corps are more "self-funded" (i.e. getting relatively little revenue from DCI) than the headliners. But even those numbers from DCI's "payout" is a relatively small amount of almost any corps budget. The math is tilted to the victors in more impactful ways, like sponsorship and equipment deals. Most corps corpus is the MM's dues and fees. The good ones are able to build well beyond that through luck and hard work. What "exclusivity" has DCI lost? Now... I'm not sure if your being sarcastic. It's rushing headlong into evaporating the last of its exclusivity. It looks more like band now than ever and is about to become exactly like band in most design and non-execution ways. Yes, Encore wasn't able to play because they couldn't demonstrate that they could fill a bus and, thus, "waters down" the Major League image. (<-- Full on sarcastic Devil's advocate) And, I presume, to the exclusivity exclusion of the competitive "club" as you call it. Ummm... It appears debatable that "growth" of the activity is measured by the number of performances in a show/competition. I think Crown is not going to be willing to adopt AI for fear of risking that "Crown Brass" sound, or others who have a signature sound. I think member count has a much bigger impact. Imagine 200 Crown horns vs. someone else's 125 horns and 50 or 60 woodwinds. A serious judging change has to be adopted to make that work, in my novice opinion. Too long. Sorry.
  7. I remember a corps with 53 members making DCI Associate one year. It was unheard of for a corps that small to be accepted but they were; and that enabled them to recruit and grow year after year and the corps is now a perennial finalist. But those were different times and maybe that is not possible in this era.
  8. Didn't you book that for the "Green team" for their Texas practices? What a generous fan you are.
  9. DCI had been doing the headcount at Championships week, each day's performance to check that no one was over 154.
  10. Yup. I see that now. I bought volume 1. I prefer to have the physical product, so I’ll wait for the CDs to get them all.
  11. With a Van Doren as a director, this was a surprise to you?
  12. Top 18. 3 different volumes. It’s 9.99 for Each volume of six. In my opinion worth the money. Just listened to Cavaliers/SCV/BD. The quality is really good.
  13. Often it has nothing to do with money ( although it can ) but can be that other programs within the overall program travels, or competes. Happens sometimes with multiple winter programs.
  14. Looks like just Top 6 and you have to buy all the shows to get even just one.
  15. That makes sense, but I don’t think So Calif has a particularly strong HS band program and there hasn’t been a top-tier Drum Corps since the Kingsmen (one may be able to argue V.K). Pacific Crest doesn’t count - yet at least.
  16. No idea about DCI but do know DCA 35 and over policy refers to number of warm bodies on the field. And have seen head judge counting some corps
  17. A terrific program. Most of these top programs don't go every year. Broken Arrow wasn't in Indy either The Ronald Reagan program was terrific this year - but a ton of park and play and/or park and spin, which is obviously the trend these days in DCI as well Side by side the Vander program was just much more difficult in terms of simultaneous demand and musicality this year. The visual/GE monster of the RR program overtook them in SA
  18. I would think (although I don't know) that the min number applies to "entering" the season, on tour or otherwise. I know DCI has a rep of intransigence, but I don't think they'd bench a show because one member got food poisoning...
  19. I'm guessing the kids from Ronald Reagan High School are finding this hard to swallow a they defeated the national champs just a week or two ago. I don't know the reason they didn't go - I know that school has the money as my niece and nephew went there. Extremely nice school with an outstanding music program.
  20. And finally with Regard to Texas and Drum Corps. Almost every single Drum Corps is holding Auditions in the state of Texas, Boston recently moved their Monthly camps from Florida to San Antonio, TX. Texas is already firmly fielding a Drum Corps, They just happen to be in every single Corps in the activity. IF the Corps only drew in Local Talent, The Crossmen would be perennial Champions every year.
  21. So a Corps has exactly 55 members and someone has an emergency at home and has to leave. Or has some bad food or hits a pothole and can’t march a show. Or... you get the idea... Not like a Jr corps can dress up the bus driver and put him in the pit with woodblocks or something. (Yes I know of a corps that did this in DCA.... friend in the corps admitted it)
  22. In regards to the Guard and percussion judging in BOA. Vandergrift and other Dance Line only groups highlights a blind spot for BOA. There is considerably less risk not tossing weapons into the air. Vandegrift and other groups that do not have strong colorguard programs should really not use any weapons at all because in the current judging of the colorguard there is absolutely no need for them. I suspect those that chose to have weapons in their show are training their younger members for the Winter season, but other than that you have ZERO need for a weaponline in BOA. My Wife, suggested that the top WGI HS Guards Boycott BOA until their units are equally represented in the Judging sheets. I would imagine most top WGI percussion groups must feel the same way. We really have become the Marching arts, not just Marching Band, what justification does BOA have to say that all the people in the Guard and the Percussion do not have an equal contribution to the program and its score.
  23. Surprised it wasn't mentioned before but it was Jeff Sacktig's Drill that helped push Vandergrift over the edge. Really quality staging of elements and clear, readable and interesting progression. That Brassline though was larger than most DCI brasslines, and they moved alot of air. Also as a matter of the state of the activity, even this band and all bands in Finals had a sound Reinforcement array on the front sideline. Not that they needed much help but you can defenitely tell when the mics where hot, Especially in the Ballad hit.
  24. I've always thought that the best Drum Corps have typically come from the areas where high school bands are not as strong. Sometimes the band kids in programs that are competitively successful and doing more drum corps-style shows are basically getting their needs fulfilled through their band program... not to mention the fact that those programs are typically more expensive and drum corps is f****ng expensive nowadays.
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