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  2. Would not the arrangements be a good barometer?
  3. How does the brass number compare to other corps? I’m still in the 64 brass 135 total mindset bc I am getting old.
  4. Maybe the staff has a different message than the “G7” drill from several years back.
  5. The renowned philosopher Lloyd Dobler once observed, “If you start out depressed everything’s kind of a pleasant surprise.” Here’s to a surprising season. Or something.
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  7. From the whispers I've heard this show is all washed up. Sunk before it sailed.
  8. The only piece that gives me pause is the one from Rocky. Worries it’ll make the show a bit hokey.
  9. Yes. Dave became section leader and later a long-time alumni/volunteer instructor. But back to Don Warren . . . a great man, and one-of-a-kind character, whose impact on thousands of lives can never be adequately summed up in words. He founded the Cavaliers when he was just 20 years old with a bunch of teenagers who couldn't play music, within nine years they were National Champs, and he stayed involved for over fifty more years. Amazing. If not for the vision and leadership of him and the Troopers' Jim Jones, DCI as we know it would not exist. Thank you, Don, and RIP.
  10. hi, hello folks. just like to say that -- even as a crown hater -- this closer is turning into one of my favorite movements in crown history (up there with beast ballad, e=mc2 opener, relentless hallelujah). thx, i'll be taking no further questions
  11. they write show announcements that show you they have their #### together long before May
  12. Never met Howard, Jones or GR. Mat Dave at DCA prelims once, Steve Vickers introduced us. I met Warren in 202 at the DCI Friends the bathroom. he turned, looked at me and said " this is how DCI the bathroom". We all laughed.
  13. I need help...a corps has their history night coming up, and reached out to me asking to know if i knew where an honest to goodness old school inspection sheet could be found. if you have one, may I have a copy of it?
  14. I've always said quality trumps quantity, but in this case, I am looking forward to seeing Cadets with an 80-person hornline. Hopefully it is of quality as well as quantity.
  15. This is their 'attempt' at 'playing the game'. Unfortunately, prior attempts at doing so resulted in them not know what the 'game' was. We shall see!
  16. It’s very Disney “up with people” vs “battle cry” - but just basing that on this seconds long video
  17. Since someone bumped this thread, I’d just like to say that the schedule on the website is STILL a PITA. That is all.
  18. Is it a full size spare or a space saver "donut" tuba? 😎
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