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  2. How do you know that is the reason they were given 4 Open shows? The message didn't say that. They posted two primary reasons for folding....the DCI membership policy and the small number of shows given to them. It did not link 2019 membership to 2020 shows. Did you see that elsewhere?
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  4. I am looking forward to see who can break the 7 minute mark of playing ensemble.
  5. I remember one corps that didn’t have enough members who put Boy Scouts in the pit area. . I can’t remember when it was but I was at the show.
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  7. We know how that has played out with the 30 member minimum. Even if you had 30 or more in a contest yesterday, if you show up with 29 today, the judges are sent off and you perform in exhibition.
  8. Until recently, no one would limit corps to four shows NEXT season because of how many members they had THIS season.
  9. It’s good that they decided against their first inclination.
  10. They brought a dangerous, cancer causing agent to the stadium and spread it around?!! 😮
  11. While I'm absolutely and firmly on board with this sentiment, I also have become aware of some financial details from this past season that were not "wrapped up". Not huge numbers worth the threat, but significant to the recipients certainly. Rumor and innuendo without any fuel dies out quickly. Cadets need to focus on clearing away the fuel of rumor and innuendo ("A friend of mine didn't get paid..."), too, because it's part of that old hell. They deserve grace but they have to fix the business. Maybe that's part of the USB rumor-mill, too.
  12. I’m looking forward to seeing the corps with the highest score after penalties on finals night win the gold. and all the rest too.
  13. I’m not saying this as a positive or a negative so don’t jump in my ####. 😂 I had to take my car in for maintenance yesterday and had a wait at the dealership. I brought my iPad and EarPods and jumped onto flo for a few minutes. Purely as an observation, the prop phenomenon is not going away. If anything, I expect to see more if the fall band season is any indication. And I think it is. Kind of like how they try to guess what kind of flu season the northern hemisphere has by how it was in Australia.
  14. Would the better alternative be to hold camps, collect fees, learn a full show and then fold one day before the first show when they only have 53 contracted members? My understanding is they asked DCI for clarification on what would happen if they fell short of the 55 member limit. Would they be barred from competition, be fined or face or other sanctions? There wasn't a clear answer provided by DCI, and the other Open Class corps they inquired with didn't know either. Combine that with the fact that it could potentially be difficult to recruit 55+ members for a 4 show season with no championships... and I can see why they decided to pull the plug now.
  15. The last time it was explained to me, Open Class corps do receive an appearance fee during the first part of the season where they appear at shows with World Class corps. They do not receive an appearance fee when they split and do the Open Class tour the second half of the season.
  16. I’m anxious to hear more about this DCA in Indy concept. First, an official announcement From both DCI and DCA. If such an event does take place, I am very reserved in expectations. So many hurdles to overcome, but still a worthy effort. Even if the event draws flies, DCI should be given credit for providing the opportunity. I continue to believe the current, and practical, radius of operation for existing DCA corps and fans is somewhere inside a 300-400 mile limit of where one lives. Remember, too, even Williamsport hasn’t been maxed-out at this point. I’d focus there first. None the less . . . good luck !
  17. Thought that hadn’t changed... surprised there are any around....
  18. Ideally SoundSport allows a new corps to get its feet wet and in 2018, Encorps participated in SoundSport. Now I do not say this to diminish SoundSport, but it not the same kind of competition that used to be available to smaller corps. It can be very entertaining, it can be a way to enjoy alumni corps, you see a wide variety of groups, but if I directed a small corps and had the opportunity to bring the corps to Indy for OC competition, I’d find a way. Life lessons would be learned, there would be the experience of Lucas Oil Stadium, and judges critical feedback, and much of this would not happen at. SoundSport in Indy.
  19. no one folds BEFORE the season even starts because they don't have enough members.
  20. This is an opportunity for those all-age organizations who want to begin and end their seasons the same as DCI while not being obligated to attend DCA in little league town. How many corps break from DCA if this becomes an annual event?
  21. I don't like responding to rumors, but just going to throw this out there: If this rule had been in place in 1990, the 1990 DCI Div. II World Champion would not have been allowed to compete.
  22. I feel like if you have less than 55 you should go for SoundSport anyway
  23. I love that this positive thread turned into the usual endless #####ing almost instantly. I am looking forward to many threads this season turning into the usual endless #####ing almost instantly.
  24. But just like anything one can turn it off, go for a walk, hit the bathroom, get a hot dog etc just remember it's all just opinion and there can be many ( and should be ) Never think your barking ( not you , in general )will change much or expect it to. For every opinion for or against something people can find just as many opposing " Opinions "
  25. I lost track, are OC corps paid to perform in shows? And yeah travel is a big consideration even for parade corps who rent transportation just to keep everyone together or to make sure people get to gigs safely
  26. and a follow up review raved about this.
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