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  2. Not Hopkins. Most of that group was hired prior to him becoming director including Zingali and Prime. Others were suggested and recruited by staff members other than GH
  3. I met Don Warren back in the mid-seventies when he interviewed me, a young teacher who had written him a letter about my student moving from Long Island to Greater Chicago who was interested in joining the Cavaliers. At that time the Cavaliers did not yet have out of area members. Mr. Warren was quite thorough in his research, accepted the recommendations that I and another drum corps instructor (Joe Mason) wrote about the young man and welcomed him into the Green Machine. David Flynn went on to become a snare drummer, center snare, principal drum major, Board member, and an officer of the Board of Directors of the Cavaliers as well as proud father of Danny and Michael who also aged out as Cavaliers. David's sister MaryBeth married Cavaliers' contra player Scott Rhebergen; their son Andrew went on to also become a Cavies' contra/tuba and the drum major who broad jumped the front ensemble to the podium the season that the Cavies played and conducted upside down. Scott also became a Cavie Board member and was DCI Volunteer of the Year in 2018. This is but one aspect of Don's ability to imagine, assess, and prosper the talents, opportunities, and futures of others who shared his ideals of drum corps and The Cavaliers.
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  5. With my heartfelt prayers, great memories, and gratitude for so much assistance over the years. Now he is with his beloved Jan and with the Lord forever. My solace to his family and the legacy he has left behind; we know them as the Cavaliers.
  6. The corps success is so much more than him and in many ways in spite of him
  7. There are many people who committed these types of crimes who have made great contributions to society. That doesn't give them a pass to do what they want to people. He deserves everything that's coming to him for doing what he did. I don't care how many championships Cadets have. Someone's life and well being are more important to me than the contributions that he has made to Cadets.
  8. The ultimate, Ultimatum. Yea. That’ll get the braintrust amped for action. But sounds like they’re where they need to be—at least geographically—at the moment. Any and all intel, scuttlebutt, or straight up speculation welcome, whenever available. Were it not for false hope, I’d have no hope at all.
  9. I think it's a reasonably safe assumption that, being first or second every year for the past 12 years, BD is a safe bet for being the corps to beat. Regardless of when in the off-season the statement is made. On top of simply giving me a reason to post (corps news had been quiet up until recently), their show announcement, for me, just reinforces the fact that no current top 12 corps has a better handle on their identity and strengths than the Blue Devils. Absolutely ludicrous and completely laughable, I know. 🙄
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