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  2. Looking for 2 Allentown tickets for both Friday and Saturday.
  3. For anyone who wants to see what the new ending added to the Velvet Knights' 1992 show, this is the video link to their semifinal performance (need to unmute the audio to listen to it). The famous "crocodile" had not yet made its debut. But, after watching this I realized that the "King of the Monsters" was yet ANOTHER finals night addition. Given that VK missed the cut for finals the year before, and were far from a sure bet to make it to finals, how the hell did they manage to hold back two of their best gags until the finals performance? VK 1992 Semifinal - Magical Mystery Tour III Seeing the irreverence of the drum majors during intros and the whole setup with the pit dressed as airport runway workers brings back just how much audiences loved this corps.
  4. If this is from the Gene Wilder version, is this the lady who just passed away? Such a creepy movie only watched it once
  5. Agree Tim , thinking (or at least hoping) this was an issue with the person with the bullhorn and not a corps wide thing. Lol have been through it with Senior Corps where a staff member goes off (or goes on and on) about something and had to talk to Corps head about it. Or corps head was there at the time and had a private talk with the person.
  6. I hope this is the final year of bringing back old favorites. The retreads are never as good as the original. This year’s Fire Of Eternal Glory is the latest example. It doesn’t approach the magical moment that was the ‘93 version. Ugh.
  7. parking tix are now available, 14.36 (12+fee) ea day
  8. Of course, a really daring corps would save a new ending only for their Finals encore.
  9. Curiously a number of people who saw that hot mess live say they didn't notice anything wrong until they saw the show again on video. Apparently the crowd was so loud that not only did it throw the corps off but at least part of the audience couldn't hear that it was off. But I think this is like the generals who always fight the last war. One time that a corps added something big for Finals, it went wrong. How many other things that corps have done have gone wrong, only to be repeated?
  10. Devil's advocate: Regiment tried this last year, and it didn't work. Devil's advocate to that statement: They used the wrong props and couldn't tell the story effectively with them. If you need me, I'll be debating myself...
  11. Fixed that for you. And, indeed, I do like it. it was so easy to like on a number of fronts.
  12. I'm gonna try to get the crowd to do it as the corps enters the field in Allentown instead of the standard blooooo. maybe if we try this at enough shows it will catch on before finals
  13. That is still not a good stat from a competitive standpoint.
  14. You are correct about exclusion due to race, and at least two corps I know of still around today never out and out refused members of other races, but you knew you did not join if you were not white. However, though we may have been a bit behind as far as racial issues are concerned, I do think that as far as inclusivity as we know it today, drum corps was ahead of the game. It may not have always happened for the purist of reasons. Some corps became racially integrated because they needed the members. When it comes to broader inclusivity, it was because the talent could not be ignored, but overall drum corps is inclusive. Regarding the comments of the young Cadets staff member, we need to know more about the context of the comments. For me, if there are issues regarding inclusivity with Cadets, a corps meeting would be the place to handle it, not a rehearsal. It could also be a plain and simple example of a person with a bullhorn who likes to talk. We know there are people who love that opportunity and that’s not a drum corps only thing.
  15. So now back to the topic of Denton. Not licensing, not Flo, not griping about streaming. It's a big show. Talk about that. Start a separate thread for Flo complaints. Maybe also look at the Wildlife in the DCP thread and see where you fall in: Are you The Know It All? ThreadEnder perhaps? Maybe the Hijacker? Let's try for Topic Follower.
  16. Like Ricky Fowler has trouble getting a mortgage. Pfffttt. I do enjoy the ScoJo ads. He's such a cool guy.
  17. You may need to stop the car and get out the fly swatter soon. ( my Mom's car weapon of choice when we acted up )
  18. This. Very true. After their 3rd place finish in 2011 the Cavies have not sniffed the top 3. They have been solid, competitive, and do have a 4th place finish from a few years back, but they have not really challenged for top 3. But that is a misleading statement if all we are concerned about is the scores. The Cavaliers are very healthy and doing wonderfully. They also have not gone through anything as horrific as what Cadets just did. The message here could be that once you get knocked out of the box (top 5) it's tough to get back in. I can only imagine that competitive success may be even more difficult for the Cadets than it has for the Cavaliers. I know everyone is different, but I have not been worried about scores or placement. I told myself last year that success for the Cadets should be measured on health of the organization and obtaining financial stability. Many of you are saying the same thing. Being financially healthy will certainly allow them to run more programs (bring back C2 and other local programs), hire more staff and design folks. They essentially have to rebuild their brand, their infrastructure, their financial base, and somehow find the right team of designers and teachers. Again, I know this is difficult to do, but as much as I have some issues with their show this year, I also find some excellent things to enjoy and the corps is performing well. And for the most part I am not worried about design at this point. I think we're all lucky they continue to be a top 12 corps. What they went through could easily have shut down an organization.
  19. Would it help if it was "I am Alice"? I just watched the show and can find little "about" Joan. It is clearer in the announcement.
  20. OK, I can accept this explanation which is a more detailed explanation that I had previously heard and we're stuck with FLO till DCI partners with the next streaming service. I just wish I didn't have to watch any more "Rocket Mortgage" ads.
  21. Then you don't understand how licensing works. There are different types of licensing of copyrighted materials. Live performance vs. recording and distribution rights are VERY different and the cost for recording and distribution rights is much, much higher. Much higher...did I say they were much higher? Again, do a little research on copyrights and I think you will understand better why things are the way they are.
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