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  2. As with everything times and methods change and nearly always for the better. The problem is that people that lived under the old ways nearly always think that method is the best. Over simplifying it here but you don't effectively train a dog by beating it into submission, your train with encouragement. That doesn't mean you don't work just as hard or ever harder. In fact kids will work HARDER with a carrot than under the stick. It is just a fact that many don't comprehend.
  3. The funny thing is that nobody really ever made anyone do it (maybe section leaders or something). Kids just assumed... it was ingrained in the culture. We, in the mello line, never did pushups. But mello lines are universally perfect, of course.
  4. I still love 2008 and 2009. The others though...
  5. Given the long-term leadership of the BOD and their track record, is it realistic to expect the current BOD to wake up and take action?
  6. I always thought the push up thing was kinda dopey and I was never in a corps that did that. I mean, we have military roots but we’re not actually the Marine Corps. “Drop and give me twenty!”
  7. Columbus Saints marched and played their full show. Color guard work is about 1/2 done but it was full drill and music. Penalty was for being overtime; electronics setup primarily.
  8. I remember a day working at Canton HOF with the brass staff up in the tree line. The baritones goofed up something and Dave McKinnon and Doug Thrower were addressing it. The baritone line dropped for push-ups because... drumcorps and all... And I'll never forget Doug's response. He said "No, no no... get up". And Dave followed with "We are here to fix problems, and that doesn't get us there". It was a great teaching moment and a demonstration of care for the members and their interests. That's not to say that the old drumcorps ritual of 'celebrating stupidity' doesn't have it's cultural place at times... but 'tasking' harder is rarely the answer to the underlying problem.
  9. Ouch, ouch... ouch That's a remarkably un-light...ened way to tell someone to lighten up. But you're the boss, chief.
  10. I’m not saying he is the only designer PR would do well with, but he is the latest high quality design relationship that failed. The BOD has to choose someone, and it can’t get any worse with the current design staff. I’m offering a solution to the current problem, what are you proposing?.... crickets.
  11. Ultimately, it's not about "self-indulgence", but "judge indulgence". If the judges didn't reward these shows, the designers would do something they do reward.
  12. Having marched in a local-circuit junior corps in the Stone Age, a corps where our director/drill guy/horn guy ran us into the ground on a regular basis... thank you for this post. We had our moments of "over-rehearsing" in the DCA corps where I marched... and there were also various times when the staff knew when to push and when to ease up. But some folks there had the "work just for the sake of work" thing going on. Honestly, that sucked. It's a different era now. A better one, IMO. Rehearsal ethic... the planning, the members' focus, the "working smart" (not wasting time)... is so much better now.
  13. Congratulations on your well being. But it is 2019 now and there are different ways to maximize progress and what you are describing is not one of them. Work smarter not harder. That applies to more than drum corps too. I have watched a corps in ST this year and am amazed at how they are taught and how they learn. Beating MM's into submission thinking you will achieve excellence is not the way to go. Having a rehearsal plan each day and being consistent with it will garner better results for performance. Being aware of MM's nutrition and proper rest is needed to get the best in the long run. Years ago I was running a rehearsal following your idea of rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, don't lose ground because everyone else is doing this too (not actually true). We were getting nothing out of rehearsal because of MM fatigue.. So I backed off, just had a goofy fun rehearsal and stopped pounding run through after run through. We had the best performance of the year that night, gained ground. It is not about pound, pound, pound anymore. It is about rehearsing in a manner that gets the most out of your MM's. They require energy to maximize a performance. Times change and so should teaching methods and rehearsal conduct.
  14. Partially agree. But, his expertise is brass and building strong, high quality / highly competitive horn lines, and that’s why most would appreciate his return.
  15. I am definitely getting tired of The Cadets having to do this. It seems like this could have been avoidable too. I really hope we don't look back at this season as "... if only they didn't have to play catch up". It doesn't matter how talented a group is, but when they are learning over a minute of a show during tour while the rest of the corps are cleaning, the odds are not in their favor. Hopefully they can get the RIGHT fixes in enough time to compete. Silver lining: the fact that even with the show so incomplete they are competing where they were last year is impressive. It speaks not just to the staff but the level of performer that is still choosing The Cadets. There many corps that wouldn't be able to recover from what The Cadets have had to deal with.
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  17. Unpopular opinion: The 2008-13 era of BD has actually grown on me a lot.
  18. One of my favorite corps shirts was a Cadets shirt in the early 90's. It was a blurry version of their logo, with the caption "Don't worry, it will be clear in August"
  19. Your wit is sufficient and noted. It’s your sensitivity to oblique comments that’s on display. And I’m not sure how you got from A show About Design Disasters to “Bluecoats are Narcissistic”. BTW, they could call their shtick something witty like “Design Disasters, because the Bluecoats do bad design better than anyone”. (Lighten up, Nancy. It’s just June.)
  20. Come on, man. We’ve been over this ; the Scouts had been in ST since mid-May. Plus, DCI has rules now about rest days. Maybe Scouts front-ended this one to devote more time in rehearsal later.
  21. Perhaps I misunderstood your comment. 🤷‍♂️ I would try to incorporate something about "shtick", garfield... but I'm at a loss for anything witty.
  22. Thank you. It’s not the performers. It’s what they are given to perform. While the Scouts’ program is infinitely better than it has been over the last few years, the degree of difficulty isn’t there. In other words, it’s too easy. This wrecks the music analysis score and there’s not a darn thing any of those young men in the field can do about it. I’m confident the staff will make the show harder and more competitive as the season progresses.
  23. Exactly right. Shut up unless you agree with me!
  24. No, I’m brand new here and know nothing about any of theses bands. I’m only here to lurk and cause trouble. /sarcasm (Psst...I actually love Fini.)
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