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  2. I'm down for it, especially if champs are where I live 😉
  3. Check this page out - uesday, June 18, 2019 Ada, OH Community Preview Day Ohio Northern University
  4. thats why they start in August and hold off on announcing. Madison 11 is the example of what happens if you don't get it. By May, pretty much everything is settled. And also, sometimes corps make changes as the winter goes along. So if you announce, then keep changing stuff, people wonder if Hopkins is involved
  5. That’s... kind of scary, isn’t it? Like what if they end up not getting the rights?
  6. actually in several cases that really is true from talking to people. it's not always as point click and pay as some people like to think
  7. where is that? their website still talks about the March camp
  8. I figured. usually i get hate mail when they know, hence why i asked
  9. If anybody wrote them off, that's just ridiculous! Too consistent to be written off and this year's music is going to have people on their feet and rocking! Heard the closer today and it's going to be on FIRE!!!!!
  10. Into the Light will tank as one of the all time great closers for a very long time.
  11. I don’t know why I didn’t like them. It was just something. Maybe a girl thing.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Agree with all of those, and thanks for recommending a re-watch. Having followed DCI since it’s inception, I was a PR guy before the Carolinas decided to field a corps. While I’m biased because of my affinity for Dvorak, PR ‘89 remains in my personal, all-time top 10. Had Gail Royer not pulled out the “disappearing Phantom in the chair” on finals night, PR might have very well nabbed the Founders Trophy 🏆 that year.
  14. And I’m not really buying the “securing the rights” reason anymore for the delay. So magically each corps that hasn’t announced yet has taken until now to all secure the rights, and they will all be magically secured at the same time (despite being vastly different and numerous sources of music) right before the season begins??
  15. You can't imagine how anxious I've been waiting for this post.
  16. If the corps continue down the path of not revealing their shows until the very last possible nanosecond, it will make for a pretty interesting Season Preview podcast in a couple of weeks. “For their 2019 show, Carolina Crown brings us, well, we can’t really say anything about it yet. But they sound great in spring training, and they will be doing some really cool stuff this year!! And for Bluecoats, well, pretty much the same. Cavaliers, yep, them too. Santa Clara? Yeah, not much there that we can share either, but we look forward to them defending their 2018 Championship!! And...” 😀
  17. At the end of the season, the “scoring” is essentially ordinals. It may have been .15, but it was the difference between first and fourth.
  18. And that is correct. The DCI tour structure has always been and still is about paid competitive performance directly targeted at an audience which pays for admission; not about education.
  19. I’m hoping to do the same and bring some kitchen truck gifts / food - but there doesn’t appear to be anything formal this early so was just checking out the days ensemble
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