DCE 2005 video clips online soon

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Drum Corps Europe is currently working on video clips of the DCE Championships 2005. The clips, of all the Championship participants, will soon be available on the DCE website. Going by the number of e-mails recently received on this topic, it appears that many of you are looking forward to seeing the clips.

The download figures for 2005 also give an indication of the popularity of the samples. Clips have been completely or partially downloaded from the media page a total of more than 26,000 times; the Beatrix clip being the most popular with almost 5000 downloads. Here is the ‘download top 10’ for 2005:

1 • 4910 downloads • Beatrix
2 • 2793 downloads • Jubal
3 • 1628 downloads • Kidsgrove Scouts
4 • 1400 downloads • Rhythm Stars
5 • 1156 downloads • Wölper Löwen
6 • 1114 downloads • Blue Lions
7 • 1103 downloads • Distant Thunder
8 • 1013 downloads • Juliana
9 • 1002 downloads • Jong Beatrix
10 • 848 downloads • Strängnäs

The format used for the new samples remains the same as last year: the clips are available as QuickTime files; each lasting approximately 2 minutes (7-10 MB per clip). In order to cope with the expected surge caused by the downloads, the clips will be placed on a separate ‘media server’, which has been allocated more bandwidth. The clips are expected to be added to the DCE website next week.


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