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Who are we?

DCP Partners, LLC is a privately-held web design and internet services company that is passionate about providing an independant news, information, and community-based forum for the Drum and Bugle Corps activity, as well as similar art-forms. We are the owner of and hosts for the world’s largest on-line community forums for the activities we support – including:

  • www.drumcorpsplanet.com
  • www.colorguardplanet.com
  • www.percussionplanet.org
  • www.marchingbandplanet.com

With 500,000 unique visits on an average monthly basis, we serve in-excess of 2 million average ‘page loads’ of information from our dedicated servers per month. Nearly 25,000 registered members belong to our community forums and have posted over 1.5 million messages to our discussion threads. Advertisers interested in reaching this targeted, dedicated audience should contact us for more information at DCP Publisher (publisher [at] drumcorpsplanet [dot] com?subject=Request%20from%20DCP%20Site%20re%3A%20Advertising). We offer competitive rates for banner advertising in all sections of the site – with special rates for registered non-profit organizations.

Our staff includes:

  • John M Donovan (publisher [at] drumcorpsplanet [dot] com) – Owner and Publisher
  • Kevin Gamin (press [at] dcpnews [dot] com) – DCP Managing News Editor
  • Bawker (bawker [at] drumcorpsplanet [dot] com) – DCP Forum Community Administrator
  • John Zaragoza (johnz [at] drumcorpsplanet [dot] com) – DCP Forum Community Administrator
  • Trish O’Shea – Color Guard Planet Community Administrator
  • Charles Frey – Contributing Photographer
  • Charlie Groh – Contributing Photographer
  • Hans Kloppert – Contributing Photographer

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News and Editorial Content Submission

Please direct all press releases and announcements to: press [at] dcpnews [dot] com (press [at] dcpnews [dot] com?subject=News%20for%20DrumCorpsPlanet). Doing so will best-ensure that your information will be published on a timely basis.

If you’re interested in becoming a regular contributor to the editorial content of DrumCorpsPlanet, please contact our Publisher with an outline of your idea and a sample of your writing. All editorial content decisions are made by Publisher, which is final, and are based on the content’s value and interest to the general DCP community. Submissions are subject to editing for length, clarity and appropriateness for publication.

We welcome your input and value the contribution our members’ participation in this site makes to the DCP community and the activity in-general. Feel free to mail us with your comments – at the DCP Office (office [at] drumcorpsplanet [dot] com).

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