DCA Announces Partnership with DCP

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Drum Corps Associates, Inc., the organizing body of all-age drum and bugle corps, announced today it has entered into a sponsorship agreement with DCP Partners, LLC, owner of the internet site dedicated to the entire drum and bugle corps activity – DrumCorpsPlanet.com. According to DCA Marketing & Public Relations Director, Fred Windish, the relationship will provide immediate benefits to both organizations. "Shortly after John Donovan was announced as owner of the new DCP website, I received a call from him – asking how DCP can be better utilized to support DCA’s goals." Discussions began in February.

"It became clear to me, the new Drum Corps Planet was looking to become more than just the popular message board it had always been. There was clear indication it is equally important for the new DCP to become a service tool available to our activity, well beyond just entertainment for readers," Windish explained.

During 2006, DCA and DCP will combine for several cross-promotional projects. One component will include live internet coverage from the DCA World Championships in Rochester, New York. "Obviously, most of our fan base is unable to attend every year, particularly our friends in Europe and Asia," said Windish. " At the very least, DCA wants to go to homes with live reports, images and webcasts during our most important weekend."

DCA President Gil Silva, had this to say. "The all-age drum corps movement has grown to include many new regions for us. It is imperative DCA finds new ways to bring everyone together on a daily basis. Drum Corps Planet can do that for us through the worldwide attention it receives."

Silva believes more people are choosing the internet for drum corps news and information, "and when that medium also provides an immediate forum for discussion, the combination becomes a very powerful resource", he said.

"We are extremely happy to be partnering with Drum Corps Associates this year and helping them bring the excitement of this vibrant organization to a new level within our online community and to those that visit our DrumCorpsPlanet.com website.", said Donovan – who acquired DrumCorpsPlanet.com and related websites in early December. "DCA’s members and fans represent a significant portion of our members and readership – and we see this as an opportunity to offer a higher level of news and information to them, while providing a powerful method for DCA to get their message out to the world. Our staff is excited about working with DCA to bring the 2006 DCA Championships to life for those that can not attend in-person."

The details of the webcast and reporting activities during the DCA Championships are still being developed by the parties and will be announced when available. Donovan also reported that Drum Corps Planet will also host a regular column, "All-Age, All-Good!", written by DCA’s Windish in the DCP news and feature section – located at www.drumcorpsplanet.com.

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