DCI Indianapolis Tickets On Sale

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Few drum corps venues have been met with as much spirited conversation as Indianapolis’ RCA Dome. In a summer activity primarily based outdoors, it seems almost unorthodox to put a roof over smoking brass lines and hammering percussion sections. Yet something about the ringing brass chords in a seemingly endless swirl of magnetic acoustics and flawless guard work in a 365-day-a-year 72-degree weatherproof environment, creates a drum corps experience in the dome for the fan and performer unlike any other.

Drum Corps International returns to Indiana and the RCA Dome on Saturday, July 8, for DCI Indianapolis, the Central Division Championships. The competitive event will feature more than 20 corps from Division I, II & III as well as several all-age units. DCI Indianapolis will follow a two-in-one show format with an early show at noon and an evening edition at 6 p.m.

Tickets are on sale NOW!

Visit www.DCI.org for ticket information.

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