Jersey Surf March Camp Report

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As March begins to wind down and the corps starts to look forward to the warmer summer weather, the 2006 Jersey Surf completed its March camp with an ensemble rehearsal unlike any of those preceding it through the corps’ sixteen year history. Thanks to the generous financial contributions of our alumni and friends, The Surf was able to purchase a full set of Bb/F Dynasty brass instruments, replacing an aging "G Bugle" inventory. Corps members were visibly excited with the audible results of the upgrade.

The members of the hornline quickly adapted to the new horns and the sounds of the corps 2006 production, "The Jersey Surf visits the Moulin Rouge" filled the halls of the Camden County Technical School throughout the weekend. The audience present for Sunday afternoon’s concert exhibition included more than 100 parents, volunteers, Surf alumni and friends, was treated to the debut performance of Surf’s new brass sound, as they listened to the complete first draft of the corps’ 2006 musical repertoire.

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